Looking UP!

Finally got a call back today about my blood-work from Monday. My progesterone is way up thanks to the Prometrium! Went from 7 on Thursday with no meds to 36 on Monday! YAY!

They have me taking two pills in the morning, one pill mid-day and two pills at night. I’m quite thankful that it is working well!

I will be monitored by the RE until I am at 12 weeks. My first ultrasound will be Thursday at 9:00! I am super excited!!!

I have been uber paranoid about having twins this pregnancy. On my dad’s side of the family there are three sets of twins. My grandmother had twins, her sister had twins and one of my cousins has also had twins so far. There is a pattern though. Your first baby is a single child and then the second time you get pregnant it is twins. So this will be my possible shot at having twins, lol! If this were to happen I would have a heart-attack, seriously!

So far my one best friend has decided that I am not having twins but that I am going to have another girl. My other best friend has decided that I am having a boy. My MIL has decided that I am having twins one boy and one girl. Since I have not yet fine tuned my psychic abilities I am unable to predict at this time what I will be having! Really I think I need someone to pinch me because I still am in shock. I was darn grateful to have been blessed with Hannah and to have another one on the way just seems so unreal. Maybe it will sink in when I see with my own eyes Thursday.

Excited to Terrified

I found out I am pregnant with baby number two on Tuesday! It was actually pretty comical. I was at my regular primary care physician who is a very laid-back down to earth lady. She was talking to me about all the weight I have lost and how proud she is of me. She asked me if I had any concerns, I didn’t. Then she says, how are your periods, Well…I am six days late. Do you think you can take a pregnancy test. Sure, do you have one. Of course Heather this is a doctor’s office. So I go to the bathroom and do my thing, came out and handed the nurse my sample. I wait and I wait and I wait. Dr. T had apparently gone to another patient while she was waiting for me to use the facilities. She finally comes out and says, “So, I am going to present this to you the same way that Crystal (the nurse) presented it to me.” She flips around my file and there is a little purple post-it note with a plus sign written on it. I lean forward in my chair to get a closer look. “Is that a plus sign.” She replied, “Looks like it to me.” I asked her, “Are you shitting me!!!” After that we both just about died laughing. I really could not believe my eyes. I was so in shock I didn’t know what to do.

Then of course the next day I call the OB and let them know I had two positive pregnancy tests (I had to take one of my home one’s just to be sure!) I explained at the time I called to the receptionist that my progesterone was very low with my last pregnancy so I wanted them to be aware of that. She let me know that they would take care of that at my eight week appointment. This immediately did not set well with me but she told me to come in and get my blood drawn to confirm pregnancy. The next day it came back positive! I left a voice mail for the nurse in the meantime explaining my progesterone situation that I had with Hannah so that she would know since the receptionist didn’t care or wasn’t listening. The nurse called me in a prescription for Progesterone pills and also had me come in and get my blood drawn. I started to take the pills as soon as I picked them up and then today I called for my number. Apparently no one had reviewed my labs yet, even though it was 3:00 when I called, because I was on hold for a good seven minutes or more. Finally the nurse comes on the line and says that my number is really low. It is a 7 and needs to be in the range of 20-30. She increased my meds and I will come back in on Monday for another blood draw. She ended the call with, If you start to bleed give us a call! That just about pushed me over the edge.

I have given it a lot of thought and am going to call the RE on Monday. It would give me peace of mind to know that I am doing everything I can for my little sesame seed sized baby! To not go to an actual doctor’s appointment until eight weeks sounds ludacris to me. I am not an average patient and I don’t want treated like one. I have issues, I was high risk for multiple reasons last time and will most likely be the same way this time. I am feeling quite terrified. Tom is taking it all pretty well, he reminded me that we went through this last time and that everything will be okay.

I have calculated my due date to be on or around December 24th. Will know for sure once I see a doctor!

Ewwie Kazooie

Today I needed to get Hannah in the bath tub really quickly before bedtime. Tom is normally home at night and we tag team her but tonight it was just me. I begin by turning the bath water on and then rushing to get all of the other necessary items…soap, shampoo, lotion, change of clothes, etc. I had only made it to the soap and lotion a mere three feet away and I feel water dripping on my foot. I thought to myself, huh…Hannah must have reached her hand into the water.  Then I feel a lot more water, I look down and the child has a wad of wet toilet paper in her hand. I thought to myself are you serious she must have threw the toilet paper roll in the the bath. I rush into the bathroom with this wet wad of paper in my hand only to discover that the toilet paper roll was indeed intact. I look to my right and see that Hannah had decided it would be a great idea to stick her little hand in to the toilet and grab the toilet paper mommy just used. GROSS! I now have toilet-piss water in my hand, on Hannie and all over the floor and bath rug. Meanwhile I am trying to get a bathtub prepared. As I cuss my stupid toilet that never flushes right…I did indeed flush but was in a hurry and didn’t make sure that my bi-polar toilet actually did it’s job. I quickly swab the floor with a paper towel and jerk up the bath rug. Guess who will be unexpectedly mopping and washing there bath rug, oh yeah, that’s right, me! She’s lucky she’s so darn cute!  ;-)

Second disgusting thing of the day, which actually occured yesterday but wasn’t confirmed until today…Termites! Seriously!

Tom went to let the dog out yesterday afternoon around 4:00 and discovered a mass of flying insects that had died near our back sliding glass door, inside and outside. He hollars for me to come down and take a look. I immediately knew these are termites. We had treated termites and ants last year because the house was just infested with ants and as more of a precautionary measure since we had seen a mud tunnel on the side of the house we bit the bullet and treated for termites. Termite treatment is expensive…so now we have them again and the man told us that we shouldn’t see them again that what he uses is the best. So of course I immediately call the man yesterday and let him calmly know that I think we have termites. He thought they could also be swarming ants so he would have to come over and take a look  just to be certain. Well of course today’s diagnosis is that they are indeed termites, he genuiely seemed like he felt bad that we had them again and still swore by his product…he was very re-assuring. So Monday we are going to have to have termites treated again. I hope they get them all this time, unfortunately we live on what I refer to as the “wet side of the street” for whatever reason the sun just doesn’t shine well on my part of the street. This has led to a lot of fun things like the ant invasion of 08‘, termites and to top it all off a moldy damp basement…fun times!

It is time’s like these that I am grateful to have an exterminator come out quarterly and spray for ants and even more grateful that I still have a warranty on my termite treatment. I just hope for my sanity’s sake we get this all straightened out, I am not someone who is terrified of bugs but I would appreciate if they limited themselves to living outdoors only.

Wordless Wednesday-The Hannah and The Bunny


The Step Master…Seriously

So, we had our Monday step class yesterday, we set  up our stepping stations and it is then I realize…the stepping master is in front of me. No joke!

I knew it was about to get serious when I see him stretching his hulk legs, I am not kidding you this man had legs like a horse. Rock solid.

I looked at my bestie and we both let out a chuckle. This was followed by several more chuckles once the class got started. I was so amazed the man looked like he HAD to have been 50-60 years old and he had enough energy for everyone in the gymnasium.  There is nothing like being the noob doing step next to Stepper Sammy. Dude was serious. Meanwhile I was the bumbling idiot who was always a step behind and I had homeboy in front of me tearing it up.

It was kind of  like a repeat of  last week

Wordless Wednesday-My Little Smooshie