House of Sickleys

The stomach bug has come knocking on our door! Blah!

I was super sick at work yesterday and started puking…which of course had everyone questioning if I was pregnant, that was a big old negative. So I tried to suffer through at work hoping whatever was wrong with me would pass but that wasn’t working so I ended up going home early.  After I got home I started to get that aching  flu-like feeling and was really dreading that perhaps I have the flu or something. I woke up this morning and am feeling better but not 100%.

Today at work Tom called to inform me that he was sick so now I am quite certain we have a stomach virus of some form. This is just great!

Next will probably be poor little Hannah so I plan on going home and disinfecting just to be on the safe side. This seems to be going around because a lot of my friends have been reporting the same thing.

Aren’t stomach bugs just the greatest!


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