Feels Like Today

Man I am feeling good today!

You know how you just feel like you have an added bounce in your step? That would be me!

I made a few decisions on things that have been weighing me down and as sad as it is to see relationships come to an end it was for the best. Now I can breath again.

That being said…I had a kick-ass step class last night. Em (one of my best friends) invited Fancythis and I to join her in a class that she takes with her Aunt. FT invited her mom to come along and the five of us had a really good time and more importantly a good work out! I had never done stepping other than the very basic of moves so parts of it were lost on me but I kept moving and did other moves  if I couldn’t get the hang of a certain tecnique. It lasted an hour and by the end all of us were completely drenched in sweat and our faces were as a red as possible. I am so  looking forward to doing it again every Monday!

Weight loss update: I have lost forty pounds total and so far this week I have lost one pound! Woo-hoo!

Losing Yourself

I feel like over the past few months of weight-loss I really have lost myself in the whole process. I was losing sight of why I was getting healthy, while yes it is for Hannah and to potentially have another child. It is also for myself and that is what is most important. I was beginning to feel like everything I was doing was to please someone (my trainer and my weight-loss group) other than me  and ultimately it lead to my defeat. I was doing everything that I SHOULD be doing and I was feeling like a failure because it wasn’t working. I was losing a minimal amount of weight and then after the fast was over I really felt defeat. My trainer said “Heather if you do this fast I can guarantee you will lose thirty pounds in a month.” I bought that hook, line and sinker! Did I want to do a fast? NO! But I knew that I did have the willpower to do it so I did. Yes I completed my thirty days but I did not lose any weight. I went from losing at least two pounds a week to a month of losing nothing. I never fully recovered from this,  I fell and I fell hard. My motivation and drive went right out the window.

So today, I will be going to the Y and I feel like I am starting all over again. I have not gained any weight and have lost maybe three pounds since the beginning of March but I finally feel recovered enough from my cold to get back on this mountain and start climbing to the top. I have to let go of things that did not work out and I have to let go of people that are not good for me.


I’m sick now. It started on Tuesday has gotten worse as the week goes on. I almost called out of work sick with the temptation of how great my bed was feeling and how crappy my body was feeling but I pushed myself to get up and showered. I really want to go back to bed, now!

Hannah’s Party

I never did write about Hannah’s party! I’ve had so much going on that I am just now finding the time!

We had her very first Birthday party on March 7th. Everyone had a lot of fun, we had a TON of people in the house and it was nice to get together with our friends and family!

New Week, No Obstacles

Last week was a rough one for me. It seemed like every day something was going on or someone was sick. Thankfully this week the prospects look much better!

Hannah has not been sleeping lately. She took about an hour nap yesterday and would not go to bed until 10:45PM! She used to take two naps a day one being about 2-3 hours long and would still go to bed around 5:30-6:00 for the night. Now she doesn’t want to sleep at all and we try to put her to bed at 8:30 and she apparently uses this as time for a power nap. After about a half an hour of  lying in her bed quietly she begins to cry bloody murder. She will carry this on forever until you let her out of her bed. Ridiculous!

Needless to say I am quite sleepy.

Tonight when I get off work I will be heading to the Y.  I am hoping that by taking Hannah along she will get some of her energy out playing with the other babies and hopefully go to sleep.

I knew kids gave up naps but I didn’t realize they gave up all sleep entirely. Wish me luck!

House of Sickleys

The stomach bug has come knocking on our door! Blah!

I was super sick at work yesterday and started puking…which of course had everyone questioning if I was pregnant, that was a big old negative. So I tried to suffer through at work hoping whatever was wrong with me would pass but that wasn’t working so I ended up going home early.  After I got home I started to get that aching  flu-like feeling and was really dreading that perhaps I have the flu or something. I woke up this morning and am feeling better but not 100%.

Today at work Tom called to inform me that he was sick so now I am quite certain we have a stomach virus of some form. This is just great!

Next will probably be poor little Hannah so I plan on going home and disinfecting just to be on the safe side. This seems to be going around because a lot of my friends have been reporting the same thing.

Aren’t stomach bugs just the greatest!

Hannah Rose

My sweet little baby girl that has brought wonders of joy into our lives is turning one today! I just can’t believe how fast life has flown by in this year. She once was an “itty-bitty” as her Mammie refers to her wearing her tiny preemie clothes and now she is Mama’s big girl running and talking through out the house. It’s incredible how much her little soul has accomplished in all this time. Even this week she started to really use Mama and Daddy appropriately along with Hey and Hi. It is incredible to see how she has grown and I will never forget the morning I learned I was pregnant and the utter excitement and joy that still over comes me when I look back. The joy Tom and I felt in the operating room when they brought her to us to look at it. It’s just amazing! I am so grateful the Lord has blessed me with such a wonderful daughter!

Happy Birthday baby girl!