Black Man Magnet

This is a recurring theme in my life. Black men love the “big girls” or at least the majority seem to.

I was pumping gas yesterday and as I stood by the pumping area and begin to swipe my card this man starts looking over at me.  I glance slightly so that I can be sure he is looking at me and not something else. Sure enough he is staring me in the face, great. I look up at him now that I have established I have a starer and he says “Hi.” I tell him Hi back, he keeps staring, I pump my gas and pretend not to notice.  It was super creepy and strange, we were the only two people at the pumps and the way he was looking and craning his neck to look over towards my car was creeping me out. I was about to return to my car and lock the door when he finally got in his car and left. Not sure what that whole weird incident was all about but I was getting the heebes for sure.

Fast forward to later that night at the Y…

I am working my triceps on one of the weight areas, sure enough I have acquired a starer. After staring for a while he finally offers me some advice that if I hold the bar a different way I can also exercise my back. Oh okay thank you man who is shaped like Grimace from McDonalds. Had I wanted to exercise my back I would have done so. Okay so I didn’t say that I just looked at my trainer who told him “Thank you.” But it doesn’t end there folks, the man continues to watch my every move for about five minutes longer. He then advises me, “Don’t forget to breath.” At this point I am more than annoyed. I assured him that I was breathing and proceeded to blow my breaths out louder for emphasis.  I am definitely not a grunter/loud breather when I work out but I am very focused on my inhaling and exhaling. He then continues to stare and stare and stare.  I think if I was a ruder person I would have lashed out irrationally but whatever. This guy thought he was being helpful and I thought he was being obnoxious. It was all quite comical because I am not sure what that man was there for, he should have been exercising but he was just standing about holding weights in his arms and staring, at me.

This always seems to happen to me quite often so I just CAN’T wait to see what happens the next time I go to the Y. Maybe I’ll finally tell a starer to quit staring.


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