Distant Memories

This weekend I had a super fun girls night out with my besties and we had a talk on the way home about age and memories.

Some of us don’t care how old we are getting, others would like to have a panic attack. For myself I just miss the fun times, I wish I could bottle them up and slowly release them if I ever start to forget. I will be twenty five this year and it scares me a little about how many things have gone by and what is still to come.

I have those moments when I would just like to freeze time and everything that is happy and wonderful stands still and I can just live in it forever. My most memorable moments are of course my wedding and giving birth to Hannah. With both of those memories I can pretty much tell you second to second about what happened that day. Then there are the other memories- going out with your girlfriends, spending time as a family, visiting fun places. I just wish they didn’t all have to end.

It makes me sad and happy to soon be celebrating Hannah’s first birthday and I hope that I don’t let any of the memories of the year past and the years to come slip away from me!


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  1. fancythis
    Feb 09, 2009 @ 09:16:23

    fortunately now, we have blogging and digital cameras to assist us in the whole memory process!

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