Wordless Wednesday-The Joy of Christmas!



Just Leave Me Alone!

I am so in that kind of mood this week.

It seems like every moment I am at work I am pulled in a thousand directions. Then I get home and enjoy Hannah and when she goes to bed I am ready to just lay in bed watching TV or reading a book until bed time rolls around.

I haven’t exercised in a week due to schedule conflicts and Christmas thrown in for good measure and just when I think this week is going to go well I ran late at work-what would have been my first day back exercising. Needless to say I didn’t exercise Monday.

I am hoping my trainer doesn’t think I am ignoring her on purpose because I was on a roll and hope to continue my progress sometime-eventually this week. I have also decided I am going to join the Y! I am pretty excited for that and am really hoping my husband will agree to come as well! My mom is going to go with me so that will be super fun. She used to be a fitness fanatic in her younger years so I am interested to see if she becomes that way once again.

I have set my goal to lose a minimum of 80 pounds by next October. With really trying to lose over 100lbs but I don’t want to feel too overwhelmed so I just keep telling myself 80lbs. I have high hopes this will work! I need to lose at a minimum 10lbs a month and will feel successful with my goal. Hopefully the world around me can offer there support and encouragement with my goal. I need to get this body to a healthier weight to carry a child again!

As a side note, I find this terribly ironic and insensitive all at the same time…we had secret santa at work and my santa gave me DOVE CHOCOLATES! WTH! and HOT CHOCOLATE! This person mind you knew full and well that I am exercising and eating healthier so why on earth would he give me candy!

Other than my unsually crappy mood, Christmas was a lot of fun! Hannah opened her presents herself and played with all of her toys! I was pretty impressed since a lot of people were telling me that this Christmas wouldn’t be fun. I beg to differ.

My MIL said to me, “Next year will be a lot more fun, she will be more interested in her toys.” Don’t ask me where that comment came from because neither Tom nor I complained about Christmas not being “fun.” Sometimes I think people just talk to hear themselves talk.

A friend acquaintance of mine has recently made several attempts to re-kindle our friendship and even though she was given my phone number and email two months ago, she just now sent me an email on 12-23. I thought it rather interesting because I have not spoken to her in close to five years, our friendship did not end on good terms and I was fine with it. When I stop a friendship it is justifiable and the fact that she turned super shady and never paid my mother back a substantial amount of money was all the reasoning I needed to stop seeing her. So any-who, she sent me an email about how sorry she is and how she thinks about me often…blah, blah, blah. At first I replied that what happened that long ago is not a big deal anymore, etc, etc…but the more I think about her the more annoyed I get. I have all the friends that I need and really don’t want anymore. If I cut you off it was for good reason and I am really not looking to re-kindle our lost friendship. I have two best friends that I have never had a falling out with and that is all I want. I don’t need any fair-weather friends. Thankfully I managed to rid myself of all of them and don’t want them back. Is this mean of me? I kind of feel like I am being mean, unkind and unChristian. But I really just don’t want to let people that have done me wrong in the past back into my world…maybe that is too much to ask?

I think I need a vacation, but for now I’ll settle on venting on this blog. Thanks to anyone that actually made it to the bottom of this post, your comments are appreciated!

Getting Organized

I finally decided that since we could no longer open the door to our spare bedroom that it needs to be organized…this is how I spent my Saturday night.

That room looks a world of  difference now! It had turned into a storage shed/things that had no place room. I hung all of my Vera Bradley’s in the closet and neatly stacked my picture albums/scrapbooks on the closet shelf. Organized Tom’s DVDs so that you could actually read the binding of the case instead of searching through every single one in a box. Stacked my books on my DVD rack and threw away a lot of  junk! Tried to assemble some sort of order to the baby items that no longer have a use. Thankfully the baby items won’t have to move when time comes to make that into another bedroom.

The next day I decided I couldn’t find anything in our pantry so my assistant Hannah and I organized that sucker. We also threw a lot out as well!

Hannah was on plastic bag detail and that kept her occupied while I was doing the rest of the pantry.

Next on my list of chores is the garage! Dun, dun, dun! The garage is the scariest thing you will ever see, seriously! There is a narrow and precarious trail that leads the length of the garage and boxes stacked out the wazoo!

I’ll try to attempt that on a nice day when I can drag some stuff onto the driveway but if not I will drag it into the house. It needs done soon because I would like to park my car in there!

Christmas Shopping…

Is done! Thank the Lord for that!


I just have to get my Dad something, who of course wants nothing, sheesh!

A Perfect Day

Saturday Tom, Mom, Hannah, my two nieces and I headed up to Lancaster! Gosh I love that place!

I really think I need to move up there, the houses are so beautiful, the stores are lovely and the farms are just breathtaking!

Poor Tom woke up after he had been asleep for only two hours so that he could come with us.

We all piled in the car and our first stop was Shady Maple, the mecca of all that is food! I <3 that place! Then we headed down to That Fish Place so the girls could pick out cool stuff for there fish tank at my Mom’s house.

We had a lot of fun there even if there were a few melt downs. Poor Jordan (my youngest niece) had a cold this weekend and at the fish place they have a pond with stingrays in them and you are allowed to pet them. Well Jordan being all of two years old did not have long enough arms to touch them. You can imagine the end result!  Thankfully I remembered I had a candy cane in my pocket that she could have to distract her from the lack of stingray petting.

We walked around the fish area but didn’t see any fish that we just had to have. So we got a few supplies  and one live plant.

Next on our journey we headed down to the Rockvale Outlets and it started to snow! It was so pretty! Mom and I took the girls and headed to Gymboree and picked up some adorable pajamas for Hannah. Then we moseyed down to Disney per the girls request and everyone got a small toy for the ride home. Tom went to the “bathroom” and was gone the whole time we were in two stores so I am quite suspicious he was on some super secret Christmas present hunt of his own!

We then headed home through the snow which was so pretty on the sprawling farms. I think it was the perfect ending to a perfect day!


Note to anyone out there. I discovered the “Kids” channel on our Sirius radio so the girls could have something to entertain them on the ride home…clearly this was as good as hypnosis because all the children were as quiet as could be.

Wordless Wednesday-Christmas Time!





It’s a necessary evil…

I decided yesterday that I didn’t need to exercise anymore. Made up my mind and that was that. I finally wrote my trainer an email and of course she wrote me one back. So guess what I am still going to be doing, that’s right…exercise!

It is really nice to know that a lot of people are supporting me with my fitness. When my co-workers heard me talking about it yesterday they piped up that I should keep going. I thought that was rather sweet. My parents and my friends are all very supportive but the one person that I need behind me isn’t. Deep down I know that the guilt I feel from him constantly is what got in my head the most. My husband absolutely hates that I go and exercise and continually tells me that I don’t need to go and that I am leaving my family, etc. I don’t know why he acts like this considering he has lost over 100 pounds and I have only lost about 20 thus far. I clearly need to lose weight but he is a jerk about it.

I did reduce my workout schedule to three days a week. Hopefully I can keep going and Tom won’t feel so neglected. I don’t know you would think your husband would want you to lose weight.