The Walking Fool 11-17-2008



Morning Time 11-18-2008

Evening 11-18-2008


So I’ve lost about 15 pounds thus far and am able to finally wear my winter pants that were a size too small! Yay!

I officially went through my closet and took out any and all maternity clothes and put them away…I’ll admit it, I was still wearing some of the pants to work…I know.

I can RUN, that’s right you read it, RUN on the treadmill…I have been working on doing it at intervals and was quite surprised that I could run and walk at high speeds for thirty minutes (or longer some days). Even still I’ll be on the treadmill and I’ll say aloud, “I can’t believe I’m running!”

So that’s made me pretty darn happy lately, I’m all proud of myself and what not.

Now that we have talked about me…Hannah Banana is trying to be a walking fool. She is pretty close to walking but it might take her just a little bit longer to master it. She is getting a lot braver and will walk with you if you hold one of her hands and she is starting to let go of things and walk a short amount before she loses her balance or a toy trips her up.

Yesterday I was really thinking something was wrong with her because she was falling down every two seconds it seemed. Then I realized why…she was letting go of whatever she was holding onto and trying to walk! I’ll try to capture her on video this week so you can see this crazy little girl in action…she is a trip!

Being A Working Mom Sucks When…

Your husband calls you and tells you that your daughter just walked by herself from the ottoman to her exersaucer (a distance of about 2-3 feet)

The list goes on and on but right now I am most dissapointed about that!  :cry:

Yay Me!

I am so excited! I have lost ten pounds in the past two weeks! Wa-hoo!

I also accomplished walking two and a quarter miles yesterday along with 50 crunches and various arm weights. Yay!