Happy Halloween!

No Pain, No Gain

This seems to be a running theme in my life currently.

I started an exercise program with my very own “personal trainer” she works me like a dog until I feel I might collapse and then works me some more. Today is my third day (when I get off of work) and I am actually looking forward to what we will do today.

Yesterday we rode bikes through her hilly neighborhood and although I hadn’t been on a bike in over ten years I did quite well. I didn’t even fall off or anything! HA! Before bike riding I did intervals on the tread mill (and about died) I think I was one step away from running and then we did pilates (first time for that too!).  All in all a good day.

My work has been horrible lately, I have a “new job” that I didn’t want nor ask for and I really, really, really hate it. It feels like a punishment for having a good work ethic. I am just going with the flow and hopefully everything will turn out for the best!

Someone finally put an offer in on my house that I have been trying to sell since May! Wa-Hoo! I counter offered since the offer was fairly low and am waiting to hear back about that! Everyone needs to send some good vibes my way so that this house can be gone!

A Play Date.

Today my friend came over with her little munchkin to visit with my little munchkin. They were pretty cute together. Except that Hannah is a bully and pulled Cheyanne’s socks, pulled her arm, pulled her ear and finished it off with a head bunt. Oh wait I forgot she also crawled over to her and screamed as loud as possible right in her face! Clearly I have raised a devil child…I have a feeling she is not going to do so well when it come time to “share.”

Other than that we had a good time! Cheyanne is a month younger than Hannah but is a little bit larger than Hannah. She also has three and a half teeth. I was amazed by the teeth thing because Hannah is still rockin’ a gummy toothless smile.

All in all it was a good day, I got to catch up with an old friend and see a different little muffin.

Highlights from the day:

Nothing New

Sorry I have been neglecting my blogging and commenting…I am still reading everyone’s blogs!

I have been really busy with work and when I get home I have no time to sit at a computer. Therefore, not much posting is going on.

My birthday was Sunday and Tom and I went to Lancaster, PA for the weekend and enjoyed some shopping. We ended up coming home a day early because I missed Hannah. (Next time we go away I promised myself I won’t cut our trip short) Now it is just work, work, work!

Monday I went to the grocery store. I gathered all my baby junk and got Hannah out of her seat and began walking up to the front of the store. I lift my leg to go up the curb and didn’t quite make it.

I freaking fell, while holding Hannah, on concrete! WTF!

I fell completely forward and all I could think was holy crap what am I going to do to keep Hannah from getting hurt. I fall on my left knee and right elbow in an attempt to shield her since I was holding her in my left arm. This plan of action worked well because she cried briefly from being startled but was fine after I took a good look at her. My body on the other hand was hurting like hell. My knee still hurts and has a good size scrape on it. I was pretty much ready to die of embarrassment and retreat to my car.

Would you guess that no one came up and helped me! Here I am sprawled out on the sidewalk, baby in hand and no one came to my assistance.  I was shocked.

But we are both okay and that is all that matters in the end.

First Time.

For the first time in the longest time I went to bed last night going over all of my most cherished memories that I have had in my life. My wedding, finding out I was pregnant, labor and delivery, etc.

It was a welcome change of pace, usually I go to bed thinking about what I need to do or should have done during the day or week instead of just peacefully falling to sleep.

It was probably due to the reminiscing that occurred earlier in the night with two of my best friends.

Nonetheless it was very nice.

On another note.

The other day Tom had taken me to lunch at Olive Garden, after we had been seated in comes a group of four little old women. I watched them for a moment and thought to myself…That is going to be Laura, Emily and I one day. Then about a minute or two later, Tom says, that is going to be You, Emily and Laura. I about died laughing. Then explained how I was just thinking the same thing! This man knows me all to well!

Happy Anniversary Snuggles! It has been a fabulous four years of marriage! Love you!

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