Here I Go…

Nosey Old Woman

Yep that’s me or rather that’s what I am becoming…

Ever since we moved to this new house the neighbors have been irritating as hell.

 They for one are lazy as sin. I CAN NOT stand laziness. The man/dad that lives next door, does not have a job, which I can understand as times are hard these days. What I can not understand is that he is not working, anywhere and has not been working for going on a year. Anywhere. So that is kind of strange or at least it is to me. He DOES NOT mow his lawn, as in ever. He does not weed-whack, ever. He does not kill the weeds that grow up with time that need whacked down before they turn into enormous trees. He sits in his house all day and does God knows what.

The children that are over there are getting on my very last nerve. Seriously.

We had a mound of dirt delivered that the children are constantly driving there bikes over. It is in our front yard with a tarp over it so there is really no reason for them to be in our yard. They play basketball, constantly, right outside of our bedroom windows and they yell/talk loudly all day! So irritating!

I have caught them throwing trash in my yard and in the street in front of my house. They threw a “bag bomb” at my front door which I then had to chase them down and read them the riot act.

I caught one of the kids that goes next door to play closed fist punching his dog (a yellow lab) in the face. I yelled at him about that.

I can understand that your parents want you to play outside and keep around the house but it is annoying to your neighbors. Go to the park. That is what I did when I was a kid. Are they to lazy to walk down there?  It’s like these kid have no respect for other people because there parents never taught it to them.

It makes me want to scream! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Wordless Wednesday-Scrub-a-dub-dub

I guess a few things have happened to take my attention away from the blog recently.

Work is going swimmingly and new and exciting things are happening that are keeping me busy.

Hannah is a half a year old! Woo Hoo!  (Okay so technically that was on the 5th) It makes me kind of sad because she is doing so much so fast. She pulls herself up on things, crawls like a maniac, jabbers all the time, started eating second foods and finger foods. We even had to lower her crib when we found her laughing and holding on to the edge standing in her crib. So not funny! She is still just a tiny little thing, she weighs 14 lbs and 11 ozs and is 24.5″ tall.

Tom and I just celebrated our ten years of being together (on the 15th)! It is crazy to think that I have been in a relationship with the same person for ten years straight.

I guess that is all I can think of currently as I am sitting at work and the political debates going on behind me are making me want to scream, guess it’s time for my trusty iPod!

Fat? Homely? Poor? Oh My!

Last Thursday as I wrapped up my shopping trip in Walmart accompanied by Hannie and my one of my BF’s. I am getting rung up by the cashier and as she swipes my formula can she says:

Cashier: Do you have your WIC card?

Me: What?

C: If you have your WIC card you can get your formula for free.

Me: I make too much money to qualify for WIC.

C: Oh okay.

Later on as I am riding back to my friends house I got to thinking. Do I look poor? Then we both enjoyed a good laugh at that WTF moment in the Ghetto-Mart.

Next day, I went to have my blood work done for the Diabetes Center. Please note Diabetes Center.

Lab Tech: Why are you bouncing that baby?

Me: Just ’cause.

LT: Well stop it. If you keep doing that she won’t understand the difference when you do it when she is upset.

She rambled on more about this topic and then stopped. Okay as unwanted as her advice is I can see her logic.

A few seconds later:

LT: Do you have diabetes?

Me: I had Type 2 before I was pregnant and now they are telling me that I am in a pre-diabetic state.

LT: That’s weird, I have never heard of that

LT: Let me tell you a secret

Me: (Oh dear Lord what now) What’s that

LT: Gastric bypass cures diabetes

Me: Oh (Thinking to myself no she didn’t)

LT: My sister had it and girl let me tell you she is so skinny and she is a baby making machine!

Me: Good for her

LT: You should get it, insurance will pay for it just like that (snaps fingers)

Me: Oh, hmm (How freaking rude!)

LT: My sister she so fertile she had to terminate three of her pregnancies, she just kept getting pregnant and finally they told her she had to get her tubes tied.

Me: Mmm

What the heck! I do not want to hear about your sister’s abortion, I do not want to hear about her diabetes and I don’t want your skinny ass telling me to get Gastric Bypass! Mind your own business!

She also informed me that she knows how hard it is to lose weight because she has been trying very hard to lose ten pounds since last year and she just can’t seem to do it. “She is just not movitvated enough to get up and exercise.”

I wanted to tell her that is so sad for her it must be hard to be a size four and ten pounds over weight, how does she possibly manage to get out of bed every morning.

But I didn’t and I never do say anything rude back to people even when they are rude to me. I guess my parents raised me better than that.

Kind-Of-Sorta-Almost There

Just My Luck!

I finally drag my husband out kicking and screaming to begin looking at Halloween costumes for Hannie and guess what. The power went out for the whole shopping center! I was attempting to go to Old Navy and Boscovs but that didn’t happen so we went to the mall instead which didn’t have anything spectacular so we pretty much wasted our evening in an attempt to choose the most wonderful first Halloween costume. Lame!

I swear I have all kinds of Murphy’s Law going on in my life right now!