Bleeding To Death-*Update*

I went to the doctor on Thursday and I had my mom take me because parking is non-existent if you leave work and try to come back. We walked in the office (I had never been there before) and I looked at mom and said, “Man, this guy is going to be expensive! It looks like an Italian Cathedral in here!”

Finally I was called back to the exam room and the doctor is asking me a ton of questions. He seemed puzzled as to why my nose was bleeding so much. Then he does my exam and checks ears and everything. He FINALLY gets to the right nostril which had been giving me all the trouble and like a kid in a candy store he proclaimed, “I see it, there it is right there!” He then proceeded to have my mother come over and look in my nostril so that she could also see the issue. Apparently it was just a very small ruptured blood vessel but every time it was irritated it would bleed… like crazy!

 He stuffed a cotton swab of lidocain up my nose which of course angered the nasal blood vessel god and caused it to bleed. Then he got out silver nitrate and started to cauterize my nose with it. Then after all of this nasal irritation he has nerve enough to tell me, “Do not blow your nose for at least a week or you will dislodge the scab and you’ll have to do this all over again.” WTF!

After he messed with my nostril, if ever in my life I needed to blow my nose it was then. So of course I went to the bathroom and blew my nose. I didn’t bleed so decided I could live with the rest of the irritation in my nose until a week passed.

I will say this, the whole process made my nostril extremely itchy on the inside and I was about to go mad sitting at my desk the rest of that day.

So far it seems to have worked well, I have not had a nose bleed since Thursday. The real test will be when it is healed and I can finally blow my nose again! Muhuwahaha!

Bleeding To Death…To Death I Say!

Well my nose hasn’t bled since I was pregnant, in case you’re not keeping up that was four months ago. However, since about a month ago my nose has bled 10+ times per week for about ten to fifteen minutes at a whack. Normally, it is after blowing my nose but today out of the clear blue I am talking to a co-worker and my nose starts gushing blood! WTF!

So about three managers asked my if I was okay and everything. One of the managers had asked me if I have seen an Ear Nose and Throat doctor about it. Well of course I haven’t even though someone will tell me to go like everytime my nose bleeds at work.

So I decide the random bleeding was the last straw. I finally called and am going to “get my nose fixed” on Thursday! YAY!

I don’t know why I haven’t gone yet but enough is enough. My nose bleeds at work and I’m certain these people are hoping I don’t have AIDS or anything contagious. Maybe I should put a Bio-Hazard warning across my cube!

Wish me luck, I’m a little nervous about the prospect of having my nose cauterized!

Nursing No More…

Last week I stopped pumping and nursing altogether. The baby was not wanting to nurse good ever since I went back to work, she seemed to become lazy and only wanted the bottle. Then when I pumped I got the most minuscule amount of milk, I used to get an ounce per boob then it got less and less. It was so low that last week when I would pump I only got about an eighth of an ounce. That’s when I knew it was time to call it quits. As a result I have been really sad lately. Like, start crying for no apparent reason sad. I tried to tell Tom how I had been feeling today but he doesn’t understand I guess. Gosh, even right now I’m starting to tear up.

I’m assuming that I am going through some hormonal change to add to the guilt of no longer breast feeding. I never thought it would be so hard. Everyone says you have no problem nursing and I think that is a bunch of crap. It rates right up there with having no problem getting pregnant! Ha!

I guess I better hit the hay, I have a long day of work ahead of me.

Things have been hectic but in a good way lately, we went on vacation to Missouri for a week, we came home got back into the routine of things and now we are back to home improvements. Our entire heating and cooling system was replaced for the house, woo-hoo! Central air is back! Not that we were dying we did put in two window units in the mean time. I have diligently gotten back to painting wood trim and the wood doors. I have gotten all the trim painted and am feeling very proud of myself. Today I went out and bought all the stuff we need to re-do the powder room. So hopefully my dad and I can start putting that all together. I still have to mud, sand and paint the walls and finish grouting the tiles then we can start installing the vanity, toilet, etc. Fun times!

Work has been awful in my opinion. I had two days last week were I came home crying and/or cried at my desk (silently of course). I’ll go into that in length at a later date. However, one good thing did come from last week, I will now be working four-ten hour days and have off one day of the week.

So as you can see there’s not too much going on around here.

What Happened To My BABY?

Hannie is not a baby anymore, well she is, she just doesn’t think so.

She wants to be held straight up you can not lay her down and hold her like a baby. She even tries to sit up and suck from the bottle!

She started rolling a few weeks ago and is now a rolly-caterpillar! This morning I went in her room to check on her and she was sleeping on her belly with her face buried in her crib mattress. Visions of suffocation flashed in my head until I touched her and she moved her legs, I think she is trying to give me a heart-attack!

We started giving her cereal in a bottle and we will attempt to feed her with a spoon tonight, this should prove interesting.

I took her bumper off the other day and she repeatedly got her leg stuck in the bars of her crib so I put the bumper back on. We were afraid she would smother on the bumper now that she rolls around like a wild woman but she could smother once she gets her leg caught just as easily in my opinion. So against Tom’s wishes I put the bumper back on.

The poor little thing is teething she started that a few weeks ago. It started out not very noticeable but now she is constantly trying to chew something and drooling like crazy so hopefully we will see a tooth soon! I told my niece that baby Hannah was teething and she walked over and practically ripped her mouth off trying to look inside. I told her no, you can’t do that, you might hurt her! She replied, Well I want to see it! Touche!