23 Days ‘Til Vacation And Counting…

I know I just got back to work but, all I can think of is how vacation is right around the corner! Tom bought us tickets for the Cardinals game and I am stoked! Last time we went to the game it was a ton of fun, except for the part when I slipped on water after the game and was almost trampled to death by the other fans leaving the stadium while my husband kept walking without realizing I fell, but I digress.

I think we might go to Branson this year which will be awesome, hopefully we will be able to catch a show or two.

Work has been a smidge interesting lately, my boss pulled me aside and asked me to be the back-up for the girl that is in charge of our team. I thought that was quite exciting and of course as I predicted my first day as “boss” the complainers took me aside and bitched for 45 minutes about the girl in charge of us. Then when I told them what work we were going to be doing differently for the week, the one told me that she is not going to do it, “that is her work!” So I explained that while she is on vacation it is “our work.” What a biznatch. I don’t need aggravation at 7:30 in the morning, can’t people just do as they’re told? Apparently not.

I kind of like being “boss.” I think I clearly need to be a manager, it is much funner giving orders instead of taking them!  :wink:


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