The Number One Thing That Everyone Is Asking Me Right Now…

Is your family okay?

Well heck, I hadn’t really given it much thought but the flooding in Missouri very well could have affected my family. I don’t think it did, haven’t heard any reports. But I swear everyday it seems like two or more people are asking me this question. I guess people hear Missouri and automatically think of me? Interesting.

What people don’t realize is that Missouri is HUGE compared to the state I live in so people aren’t quite used to things happening and it not affecting the entire state.

I suppose I’ll here stories of the flood on Saturday when I see everyone, although I don’t really think they were affected.

Lil’ Muffin

Being Fat Sucks…

I’ve discovered that I am extremely  upset about being fat. It really has never bothered me until after I had the baby. I don’t mean to say that I was ecstatic to be fat before the baby it’s just that my fat is somehow different now.  I am the absolute heaviest I have ever been in my entire life currently and I am sick of it! None of my clothes fit, I managed to find two pairs of capris out of the 50 bazillion pairs that I own that I could actually squeeze my muffin top  bigger stomach into.  I am still secretly wearing my maternity pants (this is probably not normal?) to work and the jeans on the weekend. I need help! Not only am I fatter but now I am turning into a fashion disaster.

Tom has lost 100 pounds, yes 100 pounds! Before we were equally fat together and maybe that is why I am now so uncomfortable in my skin anymore.

Yesterday we went to an Orioles game. I am about to take Tom’s picture and an older gentleman offers to take the picture for me so we can both be in it. OMG! I looked at the picture afterwards and I look like an elephant. My face is enormous! I mean to tell you huge! That rattled my cage and I kept thinking back to that picture. Then the game ended and we began our trek four blocks back to where the car is parked. I couldn’t keep up with Tom at all. My shorts were riding up while I walked, my flip-flops were slipping off my feet and Tom acts like we are in a marathon. He keeps yelling, “Hurry up, you need to keep up, blah, blah, blah!” I tried to explain I couldn’t walk as fast as him but he didn’t want to hear it, he couldn’t understand how my cavs could be hurting already. Please keep in mind that we were walking up hills and everything it’s not like it was a flat surface. So about a block from the parking garage my legs felt like one big cramp. I started crying, of course, it was so embarrassing to me that I couldn’t keep pace with Tom and that he kept hurrying me along.

It doesn’t help either that like every weekend one if not both of my parents will say “You need to follow Tom’s lead, look how good he’s doing!” As to which I am perfectly aware of what Tom is doing as I used to do the same thing and I am the one who taught him the diet before I became pregnant.

So starting today and am going back into weight loss mode. No more junk of any kind. I am going to start writing down everything I eat and make myself keep count of what I am putting in my mouth. Hopefully this will help my self esteem that has dwindled down into nothing.

Hot As Blue Blazes!

Our air conditioner broke, that’s right, I had central air and it was taken away just like that. So I am sweating to death and praying for some relief. Unfortunately we are in the middle of a heat wave which I am sure will be the first of many this summer, lucky me! We immediately called out our friend to look at the unit since he is in HVAC and of course we need a total and complete new system. Our unit thing in the basement is a “dinosaur” and apparently the unit outside is “the cheapest crap you can buy.” It was the only thing we hadn’t replaced so I guess we can’t be too surprised. Saturday morning I thought it was a blessing the thing did work. It lasted until sometime Sunday morning because the thermostat read 72′ when I woke up and checked it. ‘Tis my life.

So thank you money pit, thank you for another $3,000-$5,000 that I need to fix the air.

Blog Stalkers…

Come out, come out wherever you are!

You know who you are lurking in the shadows,  afraid to comment. Or maybe you think you have somehow out-witted me and I don’t have any idea your checking up on me. I know who you are, oh yes I know you’re there.

So lets have it lurkers… Show your cards, I already know your there, just make your presence known.


23 Days ‘Til Vacation And Counting…

I know I just got back to work but, all I can think of is how vacation is right around the corner! Tom bought us tickets for the Cardinals game and I am stoked! Last time we went to the game it was a ton of fun, except for the part when I slipped on water after the game and was almost trampled to death by the other fans leaving the stadium while my husband kept walking without realizing I fell, but I digress.

I think we might go to Branson this year which will be awesome, hopefully we will be able to catch a show or two.

Work has been a smidge interesting lately, my boss pulled me aside and asked me to be the back-up for the girl that is in charge of our team. I thought that was quite exciting and of course as I predicted my first day as “boss” the complainers took me aside and bitched for 45 minutes about the girl in charge of us. Then when I told them what work we were going to be doing differently for the week, the one told me that she is not going to do it, “that is her work!” So I explained that while she is on vacation it is “our work.” What a biznatch. I don’t need aggravation at 7:30 in the morning, can’t people just do as they’re told? Apparently not.

I kind of like being “boss.” I think I clearly need to be a manager, it is much funner giving orders instead of taking them!  :wink:

Ants Part Three

Well the disgusting ants are all gone, thank the Lord! We had the guy come out and spray and he also checked for other pests, of course we had termites. Do you see the shock on my face, I am just so surprised! ‘

The man sprayed the first time he came out and killed a fair amount of the ants, randomly you would see dead ants all over the floor like they came out of the woodwork to die! It was pretty gross but at least they were dead. Then he made an appointment to come back and treat the termites, it rained the day of our first appointment so he finally was able to come back this past week in between all the rain we’ve been having. All the termites were treated and he re-sprayed for ants once more. The first time he sprayed we were still in the process of cleaning up the backyard, we have since finished the majority of the work and his re-spray was probably more effective with out all the crap in the back yard. Now there are no ants! I repeat no ants!

It is like night and day, before there were so many ants you could hardly believe your eyes and now there aren’t any. I was even working out in the yard yesterday and didn’t see a single one! I am very pleased!

I did sign up for the yearly contract and this way they will come out quarterly and re-spray. They will also come out if you have a flare up through out the year if you give them a call. I think it is a pretty good deal all in all and the man seemed very nice and down to earth.

The man told me that the ants are worse this year because we didn’t have a real good snow to kill them off. I believe he is correct!