Surprisingly returning to work has not been so bad, the few days before I returned I would occasionally cry and proclaim to Tom that I don’t want to go to work!

I have since gotten over that, Tom was right I have to work so I need to make the best of it and try to get the day to pass fast so I can come home to them. It would probably be harder on me if she was in daycare but Tom is watching her so I don’t worry quite so much.

We already have a pretty good morning routine going on!

It is amazing what a child does to your brain, I think about her constantly. Lately when people talk to me I don’t always pay attention to what there saying because I am so consumed with my own thoughts, it’s craziness!

Our Italy vacation is being post-poned until early next May, we want to be able to save a good chunk of money to do everything we want to do and stay longer than a week. To top it off we are going to bring Hannah so that just makes it better! Tom and I really want to do family vacations, when we where growing up my parents took my brother and I on every vacation, it didn’t matter if it was the Bahamas or the local beach. I want to be the same way with my child(ren). This year will be Hannie’s first vacation, we are going to head to Missouri for the fourth of July/family reunion. I am super excited! More and more as I get older I realize how much I really, really, really miss my family. Hopefully we will be able to visit Missouri every other year so that she can know her family too.

Yesterday I took the plunge and finally got my hair highlighted after like three years of not doing it! It looks really good, at least that’s what everyone tells me.

The Hair:


My 12 Weeks Are Up. Already?

Starting tomorrow I will enter into my last weekend of freedom.

I will then return to the daily grind on Tuesday.

I really, really, really, really don’t want to go back to work.

I don’t want to leave Hannah for nine hours a day.

I don’t want to sit at a desk all day when I could be home with my family.

Why wasn’t I born rich?


Bling Bling Baby!

We had decided long ago that we would get Hannie’s ears pierced.

Today was the big day, poor little baby had no idea what was about to happen to her and then bam the first ear. Followed by baby pain tears, the worst tears ever! Then bam the other ear, she continued crying.

I can’t help but imagine she was cussing us and wondering what the hell is wrong with her parents! Much to my surprise she stopped crying after one minute. I guess she realized it wasn’t that bad after all.

Here is our unsuccessful attempts at a picture:

Ants Part Two

Can you believe those buggers are still alive! Some of them died so I am going to assume that I saw new ants that made there way into the house. Of course the ants are worse in Hannah’s room, WTF! I noticed it looked like they were coming through the tiny crevice in her windowsill. So left with no other options I called the exterminator to come out today. Hopefully this will do the trick, I can’t have ants in my babies room and right now that is the only place they are!

Yesterday as I was talking to the exterminator he says, “Talk it over with your husband and see what option you want to do, the one time application or the year contract.” I wanted to saying something witty and humorous but bit my tongue. I like how he just assumed that I was married and furthermore that I couldn’t make a decision without my husband. Of course when I did talk to Tom I got his usual…”What ever you want to do is fine.” I am still in debate, I want to do the year long contract but I don’t want to spend the money. But, I could very well need the contract all year since the ants were allowed to get this bad by the previous owners of the house.

I don’t know how in God’s name the people before us could live with bugs in there house, disgusting. When we first started renovating the house there were roaches, mice and ants. The only thing still holding strong are the ants. I think I would shit a brick if I saw a roach climbing up a wall. I am not afraid of bugs by any means but I also don’t want them crawling around on myself or my belongings.

After all this I hope to God I don’t see another ant the rest of the year. In case anyone else is going through this the exterminator told me that the ants are extremely bad this year. There may not be hope for any of us!

Ants, Ants Everywhere

Literally, they are everywhere!

Last night around midnight I was painting the kitchen and called my mom on her way from work to look at it because I didn’t like the color (she agreed). As we are looking at that the baby wakes up and wants fed. I go in her room, change her, etc. As I am walking out of her room I glanced at the ceiling, dear Lord, there was ants all over the ceiling! Then I noticed they were in all the rooms, on all the ceilings and a few on the walls. So I packed us up and went to Mom’s house. Of course I then had the heebes and could just feel ants crawling all over me. Disgusting!

So, today I went out and got a bajillion ant killing products to use indoors and outdoors. I also bombed the house with those fogging cans just to ensure that no ant is left behind! The ants weren’t like these before, I had seen them outside but never crawling around inside! Uhhh, I have the heebes just thinking about it.

Tonight we will sleep over my parent’s house again and tomorrow I will go and see how the ants faired…hopefully they will all be dead and I can begin clean up. Yuck!

And Then I Cut My Foot Off…

My stinkin’ ankle has been hurting for about a week now and I am pretty much over it. It hurts so bad that I don’t even want to walk on it. If I go anywhere and walk for a significant amount of time it is equivalent to torture. It is the strangest thing, I fell asleep last weekend waiting for L and A to come over so that we could go run errands and grab lunch. For some reason when I woke up it started to hurt, I assumed I slept in a weird position on the couch and hurt it. But then the pain hasn’t gone away. It is getting worse and has actually become swollen.

I think I just might go to the doctor and have them look at it. Surely my ankle wouldn’t swell and hurt for no reason, right? All I know is “walking it off” isn’t working!


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