Oh How I Miss You Sweet Computer…

I’m am at my Mom’s house blogging, how pathetic am I.

I have had such good blog material all week and now I can’t really remember any of it.

We are hoping to finish up the house this week and are going to officially move into the new house on the 26th! YAY! I feel like I am going out of my mind busy lately.

House On The Market.

We met with the Realtor today and put the house on the market. I think it will officially be listed as of Tuesday.

Let the stress begin.

She likes how I decorate and said that we have beautiful furniture and she would like for us to keep the furniture in the house while it is being showed. That is all well and good but, what are we to do for furniture when we move next week? She even wanted us to leave our big screen TV so that potential buyers could see the potential for them to have a big screen in a small house. I don’t know about this whole staging business. I would just like to pack everything up and leave the house empty.

I am too OCD to live out of boxes and be so disjointed, with half my belongings in one place and half in the other.

So if I don’t blog for over a week it’s because she wants us to get rid of our computer/desk, which we already planned on doing just not so soon. I will feel a bit crippled without the computer to occupy my (very limited) free time. Sniffle-sniffle.

Let’s just pray it sells in a day!  :lol:

Nick Names

We all have them right?

Mine is Heddy. Bestowed upon me by my Grandfather and is now used by friends and co-workers alike. My oldest niece is called Gibby, not sure why, it sounds nothing like her name but my Dad started it and it stuck. I call my younger niece Jordy, but that is just like shortening her name up.

It doesn’t take long for these nick names to start. Hannah has been dubbed “Itty Bitty” even my youngest niece is calling her that! My mom started that one and I think it will stick. I won’t be surprised if it gets shortened though to either itty or bitty.

Does anyone else have nick names? If so what are they and who started them?

“Let’s Get A Little Mud On The Tires…”

Remnants from the field

While I love that Brad Paisley song, my Sunday morning was not quite like the song.

This morning at 7:00am while Tom should already be home from work, the phone rings, then it rings again. I knew on the second ring that this could not be good…

I answer,

Tom says: Can you call AAA. The car spun out and did 360’s in the field and then slid to a stop. Now it’s stuck in the mud.

While I wanted to scream I resisted.

Of course neither of us could remember the name of that road we always just say the road where the cows are. So I decided to get the baby up (she was sleeping) I got her in the car seat, threw a bra and some shoes on and headed out the door.

Crap it’s raining!

We get to the car and head on over to the farm road so I can figure out the name of the street and get the car out of the damn mud.  Tom gets in the car and I call AAA. Of course I am dumb and didn’t realize that I needed to be the one driving or they wouldn’t cover the tow under my policy. I hung up the phone on the lady and called my Dad. Dad drives down and we all stare at the car which is throughly dug into the ground. Finally I couldn’t take the cold windy rain and I got back in the car. I look over a little later and my poor dad is trying to push the car out while Tom throws it in drive and reverse off and on. I get out of the car to help Dad push. That was my first mistake!

My pant leg, sleeve, shoe, foot are completely covered in mud! Now I am super dirty and have to get back into my mother’s brand new van! Ah! I stripped my hoodie off and found a blanket to sit on.

 The car is not budging, I call AAA again and start fresh. The lady says: I see you called earlier for your husband, are you with the car now? YES! Dodged that bullet, thank the Lord she didn’t charge me extra for not being the driver! The sent the tow dude out. Boy was he redneck. He calls my phone and when I answer he says: Are you farmer in the dell? What? Are you farmer in the dell? Well we are stuck in the farmers field.

If that was his attempt at humor, I am not amused.

So we get my poor car out eventually with the tow truck and head home. By this point the baby is beginning to cry and I am freezing and mud covered.

It was so not a fun morning. But at least Tom is okay and my payment-free car was not injured.

Happy One Month Baby Girl!

Pump It Up

Well breastpumping is a rewarding challenge. It allows me the freedom to go without the baby when necessary but damn is it hard to get a good amount of milk stored. When I pump I get an ounce out of one side right off the bat. The other side however, does not let out any milk. I don’t know if it is something that I am doing but it doesn’t appear to be letting out any milk. So I basically will get an ounce every time I pump. Not sure if that is a good amount but I am hoping that with time it will produce more and maybe the one boob will cooperate and put out some milk.

I am really quite mind boggled as to why my one boob will not cooperate I do everything the same as I did on the other side, I have even tried a few different things but nothing happens.

Clearly I am going to need some sort of assistance from my mother in this matter. Or at least she can see that I am not crazy if it doesn’t work while she is around!

My Grandmother who is clearly off her rocker came up with this lovely-ness this week while talking to my mom: “I just don’t know about this breastfeeding, I could never do it with yuns.” (Referring to my mom, aunt and uncle.) Then are you ready for this? “It must be because you and Heather have big nipples.”

Excuse ME!?

When my mom told me this I was really quite shocked, then I wonder how she would ever possibly know what my nipple looked like. Then I laughed, because she is old and senile. God bless her but she is coming up with the craziest things lately. Grandma would really be a post all to herself, because ever since Grandpa died so has her mind and at times it is extremely frustrating to deal with her.

If anyone has any pumping tips please feel free to leave them.

Wordless Wednesday-First Bottle Feeding (Today)