Birth Control.

It really doesn’t even belong in my vocabulary.

I decided long ago that birth control was the devil and screwed my body up. No doctor has ever given me reason to think this but I do. I haven’t been on birth control now for five years. (Wow as a side note, I never stopped to realize I haven’t taken birth control for five years, that is a long time!) I stopped taking it a year before I got married, the year I found out I had PCOS. Taking birth control after learning I had PCOS seemed pointless to me so I just stopped taking it.

But, since I did somehow manage by the grace of God to get knocked up without the use of fertility drugs, I better do something to prevent a possible second pregnancy right away.

With that being said I resigned myself to the fact that *gasp*condoms would need to be used. Gross. I’ve never been a big fan of condoms and after talking it over with a girlfriend she agreed that she also hated them, which oddly enough made me feel a lot better. So I drug myself to the drug store, baby in tow, and headed towards the condom aisle. For a second I felt like a high school-er sneaking off to buy condoms. I probably stood there a good fifteen minutes staring at all the different varieties. It was a tad overwhelming. I finally made my selection and sat the evil condoms in the cart, next to Hannah. I laughed at the irony of that situation, me with a baby and who’d have thunk I now have to use condoms (you know, just in case. HA!).

I guess it is better to be safe than sorry, I am all for having more kids but I would just like to wait until Hannah is bigger, like two years old bigger. Maybe God will bless us with more children, maybe He won’t. But I don’t want to be that person, you know the one that gets pregnant as soon as she has her baby. That my friends would be so not cool!

Comings and Goings

Life is getting ready to be even more busy.

We are going to put our house on the market this week. Monday I plan on calling my realtor and get this ball rolling.

The “new house” is pretty much done, the entry and the family room are the last two rooms that need completed and then we will be all set to move in. So needless to say I will also start packing things this week.

I really feel like I have no time to do anything, the baby still likes to eat every two hours. So that only leaves about an hour/hour and a half to do anything before it is time to feed her once again. As I am typing it is coming up on time to feed her once again.

Well I better go do something before I run out of time.

An Easter Miracle!?!

Could it be that my sweet little baby girl slept through the night? Oh yes, she really did!

I have discovered that she does not like silence. So I left the TV on and she slept right through only waking to eat (which is every two hours). I am feeling very well rested today needless to say. My MIL bought her a “womb bear” that I put in the nursery at the new house so I am going to go and get that and bring it to the old house and see if she likes that just as much as the TV.  Hopefully she will like the bear and I can turn the TV off at night, I don’t normally sleep with a light or TV on so I don’t want her to get into the habit of having it on.  Wish me luck!




Must Not Fall Asleep

The baby has no clue what night and day is, for the most part she sleeps all the time. However, since Tom has returned to work on Monday she likes to stay awake, all night. Now anyone that knows me knows that Heather with no sleep is not a good combination.

 She literally did not sleep a wink all night, I think she had a sensor installed on me. As soon as I had her quieted down and what appeared to be sleeping, I would put her in her bassinet and climb into my bed. At exactly fifteen minutes into me laying in my bed she would start to whimper which then turned into crying, all night. I was really ready to shoot myself when 5:00 rolled around and she still had not gone to sleep for any real amount of time.  

I know this is all normal baby stuff but it is going to take me a little bit longer to adjust. I took a fairly long nap today so hopefully if she wants to fuss all night I won’t have a nervous breakdown.

She went to the doctor’s today and gained a little bit more weight, she is at 5.12. Not quite birth weight but getting there.

One Week Old

The baby and I are doing very well. We lucked out and got an excellent baby! She only cries when something is the matter and she does very well nursing. She has been out of the house a few times and has done really well…she sleeps right through it. Today we had our first luncheon and it was with her Mammie and her oldest cousin. It was cute, this was the first day my niece met her and she was very good with her, she kept saying how cute and pretty she was. My niece asked if I was going to have another baby soon…hahaha! Not. That will be a couple of years down the road!

The baby has a touch of jaundice that is going away, she lost a little bit of weight since my milk took five days to come in. Now that the milk is here she is doing really good and is starting to gain some of her weight back. She weighed 5.3 on Monday and today she weighs 5.5. They would still like to see her at her birth-weight (5.15) but the doctor thinks she is doing just fine.

Here is a pic from today at the Olive Garden:


The Baby!


The childbirth process was definitely an experience. I think everything that could possibly go wrong (for me not the baby) did. The baby was completely fine during labor and never showed any signs of stress so that was great!The long of it…

As most of you know, I went to the hospital Tuesday night at 9:00pm to begin the induction process. After we got to the hospital and got settled a doctor and a student came in around 11:30pm. They came to start my foley bulb induction and get me to dilate. Well while they were doing that they “accidentally” broke my water. From then on I was confined to bed so that I did not develop an infection and so that the cord didn’t pre-lapse. This is when I knew things would not end well. The foley bulb did its job and I was dilated 3cm by 3:30am. Before the foley bulb was taken out I was having some serious contractions that came about every two minutes. After the bulb came out I was having next to no contractions. Around 6:00am they started the potocin and the contractions started again. All seemed fine, I decided I will go ahead and get my epidural and they did that around 1:00pm. They did it wrong the first time and I thought I was paralyzed it was the most excruciating spine pain I have ever felt in my life. They re-positioned the epidural slightly and it started to numb the right side only. I felt that I could wait while they were tending to the other woman that needed an epidural so I waited until they could fix the epidural and numb both sides of me. I was having pretty strong contractions all this time (which I could completely feel on my left side) but I wasn’t progressing beyond that. I was pretty much stuck around 4-5 cm depending on who did the exam. Finally around 5:00pm the anesthesiologist came in to re-do my epidural. This time everything went fine, it didn’t hurt and my legs and everything instantly went warm and tingly. Unfortunately I would not move past 4-5 cm and I knew that I would have to get a c-section, time was running out since my water had been broke since 11:30pm. Sure enough, I was talking to my mom and I started crying saying that I don’t want a c-section and I just know they are going to give me one. The nurse came in not five minutes later and told me she talked to my doctor and they are going to go ahead and do a c-section. Tom wasn’t there at the time, him and his mom had just went to dinner. So my mom called Tom, they got me prepped and Tom came back from dinner and we went and had a c-section.

After the c-section, the doctor told me that the baby had her head in the wrong position and that is why my labor wasn’t progressing normally, her head was a little smooshed on one side where it was being pushed into the wrong direction. (the smooshed side has since gone away)

The baby was born at 9:07pm and weighed 5lbs 15oz and is 20 inches long. She has brown hair but I am suspicious that it will lighten up some. Her eyes are a green/gray/blue combination so who knows how that will turn out!

Thank you everyone for all your kind thoughts and prayers! We are both doing very well!

Here is an eyewitness accountfor anyone that has not read her blog already. I think I will go take a nap…I am super tired!

Holy Jesus!

I literally feel like I am having a stroke! (and I haven’t even gone into labor yet) Is it normal to feel so terrified? I am officially freaking out and I am quite certain Tom thinks I have lost my mind. Just two more hours of waiting until we go to the hospital…

Her Last Ultrasound…


Our little baby girl weighs 7lbs 2oz as of Thursday. This was our last ultrasound appointment, it seems so strange that I’ll actually be able to see her and hold her in my arms come next week…