Induction Time

I never would have guessed that today I would be told that I will be induced next Wednesday! Can you believe it!

The main reasons she listed for my induction:

1) Diabetes: She doesn’t want the baby to be too large, the doctor guessed that she is around seven pounds now.

2) High Blood Pressure: She didn’t want me to develop preeclampsia because my blood pressure is creeping up higher and higher at every appointment.

So her solution is to take the baby on the 5th before I develop any major problems. I am not quite sure how I feel, I am excited of course but right now I don’t feel scared or nervous. I am sure that will come later!

I’ll keep you all posted!


Now that I can think more clearly…

I am not dilated or anything as of today. However when she did my internal exam she pressed and said there is her head and Holy Jesus was that an experience!  Of course today was the first time no one went with me to the OB and it was probably my longest and most detailed appointment. The doctor went over a lot of things such as the induction and everything like that and what I need to do. As soon as she said “I think we will just go ahead and take you on Wednesday.” She was so nonchalant, I had to ask “you mean I am going to have the baby next Wednesday?” She said “Yeah, either Wednesday or Thursday.” Well from then on I had to really focus to hear anything else she had to say. She said that because of my weight (i.e. I’m a fat girl) that “it is medically proven that heavier women have a harder time pushing the baby out because they are not as strong of pushers.” She said with as much insulin as I am on and the baby most likely being seven pounds now that she would prefer to go ahead and take the baby before the baby was bigger (combined with my assumed lack of strength to push). My blood pressure is on the rise as well so she would also like to take the baby for that reason as well. She would prefer for me to deliver before I develop preeclampsia. This way the labor will be easier and less stressful for everyone. I’m cool with her explanation, it seems to be pretty logical to me.

So they will do a foley bulb induction on Tuesday night. Then on Wednesday morning they will start the potocin and I guess you just wait from that point on.

I feel that having a baby is as good an excuse as any to use my vacation days so…Tomorrow will be my last day here at work and I will use my vacation until my maternity leave kicks in the day the baby is born.

The doctor did say that the hospital mandates inductions so it could be possible to have the induction post-poned but I have high hopes it will all work out how it’s scheduled as of today.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fancythis
    Feb 26, 2008 @ 12:32:10

    I’m happy for you, I knew they would take her early all along.
    I personally think that your health and the baby’s health are WONDERFUL reasons to induce.
    Can’t wait to meet your little bundle!

  2. girlymama
    Feb 26, 2008 @ 14:05:06

    AHH!! Only a week!!! I can’t wait!! Both my babies were born before 38 weeks, so she’ll be totally fine! (And smaller – good for mama ;-)
    Keep us posted so we can pray for you!

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  4. Melissa
    Mar 03, 2008 @ 17:53:27

    I really don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog while I was surfing away on the net – but your post on your childbirth class with the cesarean and epidural discussion intrigued me so I read on…

    I am a childbirth educator and doula and there are a couple of things I feel compelled to say (that I say to my clients with similar situations):
    – The further along in pregnancy you are, the less reliable ultrasounds are in determining the weight of the baby. By 9 months, it has an error margin of +/- 1lb! And, at 38 weeks, if the baby is at 7lbs (or 6lbs or 8lbs), really that is ideal — not too big! And, your body was meant to birth babies – your vaginal tissues are designed to stretch to accommodate the birth of your baby! (And smaller babies don’t necessarily mean an easier delivery!)
    – Big girls push just fine! …Especially in a squatting or other gravity promoting position! Even with an epidural you can use a squat bar on the hospital bed to push (…unless you have a cantankerous nurse or silly hospital rules)
    – Inductions have a rediculoulsy high rate of medical intervention (and OFTEN lead to Cesarean delivery). The reason? Pitocin creates WORSE contractions than your body would on its own earlier on in labor… leading to an earlier epidural… there’s a whole cascade of interventions associated with early epidural placement. Just FYI since you had mentioned how you were not planning on those particular interventions.
    – It sounds like your Dr. is really concerned about controlling (“taking the baby”) and managing the birth… I’m not aware of your medical history and I’m sure your provider will do all in their power to keep you and baby safe. BUT, there is a whole other facet of birth that often gets overlooked… This is the day you will give birth to your child. You will never forget it! Do what you can to surround yourself with loving support and, regardless of the hustle and bustle of hospital staff or situations that arise — BE IN THE MOMENT — create a memory filled with love, joy and expectation.
    – Finally, don’t let fear overtake you! Don’t let it guide your decision making process… You CAN do this and you WILL do it beautifully! Put your trust in your gut and not the fear.

    Best of blessings to you on your journey to motherhood!

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