Me? Procrastinate?

I’ve never been a procrastinator but somehow I seem to be procrastinating! Even more shocking to me is that is just hit me that I am procrastinating.

Monday the nurse at the OB asked if I had my bag packed for the hospital…um no. She informed my I needed to do that. Then she asked if the babies room is ready…um no. Then I started to explain how we just bought a new house and are in the process of remodeling and I thought her eyes might pop out of her head. Clearly she was wondering if I was on drugs. So I guess I might get around to packing my bag…maybe tomorrow. The babies room is practically done, we just need to install the floor, slap some trim up and but the wall border on. Then after that is done we can put the crib and dresser together, no sweat! That will probably be completed prior to the Superbowl tomorrow so the men folk can go and enjoy the game.

My mom is hilarious, she asked if I started packing up the house yet….hahaha! Not even close. Then when I told her I needed to pack my bag, she said do you even have a bag? And thanks to my lovely and beautiful friend Laura I do have a bag! Approximately two Christmases ago she bought me a Vera Bradley duffel bag so I plan on taking that one with me to the hospital. See I have a slight game plan with all of this, I just need to put it into action! I think I might venture out tomorrow and buy Dreft so I can wash all of the babies stuff and put it away. At least then I can tell people the room is ready when they ask!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fancythis
    Feb 03, 2008 @ 10:06:58

    looks like I’ve FINALLY rubbed off on you…… ;)

  2. markalan
    Feb 04, 2008 @ 12:55:27

    More important than your bag packed – Tom needs a bag packed. In that bag he needs everything that will keep him in the room. Ipod, reading material, food, batteries, hand held video game, hand held DVD player, DVD’s, games, etc…. He is going to be there for a while, he may as well be comfortable.

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