The Beginning of the Next Three Months

Today was my official last day at work! Wa-hoo!

I took four vacation days prior to the induction because I wanted to. I don’t really have anything to do that I can think of. I might just straighten the house up a bit, hang out at the mall and finish up doctor’s appointments. Good times! Once I have the baby I will be put on maternity leave and I don’t have to go back to work for three months (12 weeks)! So far it seems strange. I have worked there for five years and have never been on a leave of absence or anything over two weeks at one time…This may take some getting used to.

I was actually a little sad when I left! As unbelievable as I thought that would be…I even got a little weepy in the car. The same thing happened last Friday when I went to the Diabetes doctor. When I left I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness…I guess it’s that whole things coming to an end. I’m feeling much better (for) now.

Tomorrow will be my last ultrasound/bio-physical and we will find out how big the baby is! I made a bet with Tom that she will be 7.2 and of course he tried to price’s-right me and make his bid at 7.4. He’s a sneaky one. I’ll probably be closer because the OB said she is about 7lbs. There probably won’t be a good pic of her tomorrow. Now that her bones are hardening it creates dark shadows and makes it near impossible to get a clear picture.

I guess I’m done rambling now  :wink:


Wordless Wednesday-37 Weeks



Induction Time

I never would have guessed that today I would be told that I will be induced next Wednesday! Can you believe it!

The main reasons she listed for my induction:

1) Diabetes: She doesn’t want the baby to be too large, the doctor guessed that she is around seven pounds now.

2) High Blood Pressure: She didn’t want me to develop preeclampsia because my blood pressure is creeping up higher and higher at every appointment.

So her solution is to take the baby on the 5th before I develop any major problems. I am not quite sure how I feel, I am excited of course but right now I don’t feel scared or nervous. I am sure that will come later!

I’ll keep you all posted!


Now that I can think more clearly…

I am not dilated or anything as of today. However when she did my internal exam she pressed and said there is her head and Holy Jesus was that an experience!  Of course today was the first time no one went with me to the OB and it was probably my longest and most detailed appointment. The doctor went over a lot of things such as the induction and everything like that and what I need to do. As soon as she said “I think we will just go ahead and take you on Wednesday.” She was so nonchalant, I had to ask “you mean I am going to have the baby next Wednesday?” She said “Yeah, either Wednesday or Thursday.” Well from then on I had to really focus to hear anything else she had to say. She said that because of my weight (i.e. I’m a fat girl) that “it is medically proven that heavier women have a harder time pushing the baby out because they are not as strong of pushers.” She said with as much insulin as I am on and the baby most likely being seven pounds now that she would prefer to go ahead and take the baby before the baby was bigger (combined with my assumed lack of strength to push). My blood pressure is on the rise as well so she would also like to take the baby for that reason as well. She would prefer for me to deliver before I develop preeclampsia. This way the labor will be easier and less stressful for everyone. I’m cool with her explanation, it seems to be pretty logical to me.

So they will do a foley bulb induction on Tuesday night. Then on Wednesday morning they will start the potocin and I guess you just wait from that point on.

I feel that having a baby is as good an excuse as any to use my vacation days so…Tomorrow will be my last day here at work and I will use my vacation until my maternity leave kicks in the day the baby is born.

The doctor did say that the hospital mandates inductions so it could be possible to have the induction post-poned but I have high hopes it will all work out how it’s scheduled as of today.

It Is Done


Here’s To You Bestess…

God is surely trying to keep you and your husband in my thoughts. Every-time I hear this song I think about the both of you. I find it to be too big of a coincidence that out of 900 songs on my iPod it somehow manages to play this song at least once a day.

I knew who he was
When I took his name
But somehow knowin’
Is just not the same late at night

He knows the danger
But he does what he does
He calls it duty
But I call it love
So here I am
While he’s gone
To some foreign land

And I cry
‘Cause I’m alone
And the nights get so cold and long
And I try not to think he won’t come home
But I’m sleeping with the telephone
The yellow ribbon on my neighbor’s gate
Always reminds me that someone’s awake
Just like me

I hear the sirens
And I watch the news
He laughs and leaves with his gun
And his blue uniform
And I pray God keeps him safe from harm

And I cry
‘Cause I’m alone
And the nights get so cold and long
And I try not to think he won’t come home
But I’m sleeping with the telephone
I lose him in my darkest dreams
And my blood runs cold and my heart skips a beat
So I get up; I can’t take anymore
Sometimes I hate how much I love him
But everyday I love him more

And I try not to think he won’t come home
But I’m sleeping with the telephone

Something awakes me from where he should be
I reach for him; the telephone rings

-Reba McEntire & Faith Hill

Sleeping with The Telephone


I’ve always enjoyed doing the laundry. It is one of those things that always felt rewarding to me. However, I have been doing laundry from 11:30 this morning until about 7:45 at night. I’m a little burnt out. I washed about 80 bajillion items for the baby and one load of regular laundry for Tom and I. Now I will be dragging it all to the new house and putting most of it away over there. I did keep her clothes and a few blankets here, just in case! I also managed to set a few things aside to go the hosptial with us, I just need to run to the store and pick up a few things to go in the bag and that will be done.




MEME You See…

I was tagged by Mark Alan over at Idle Ramblings Of A Slightly Mad Man with a meme that calls for 7 random facts about me.  The rules are;# Link to the person who tagged you
# Post the rules on your blog.

# Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
# Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
# Leave a comment on their blogs so that they know they have been tagged.1.  When I was in high school I vowed to never have children…I wanted to be the crazy cat lady.

2.  I love to garden. 

3.  I wish I still worked at a flower shop. Although the pay was not great it was a super awesome job and I was damn good at it.

4.  I hate cooking, I mean really hate it.

5.  I love tubing in a river for a couple of hours, it is probably one of the most relaxing things that I have discovered in life.

6.  I collect Disney movies, I don’t collect anything else Disney related, just the movies.

7.  I still haven’t packed my  bag to go to the hospital, I know it’s pathetic.

So there you have it. 

I tag whoever is reading this and would like to participate!

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