I Guess I’m A Bitch?

I am really really really sick of people. I just want to announce to everyone, “I don’t give a flying fuck what you think about me!”

Today, first thing in the morning around 7:00, my friend Phyllis comes up to me to chat. I am naming my baby the same exact name of her grandchild.

She proceeds to tell me how this family member of hers just had a baby and named her child the exact same name.

I said: “Oh that’s weird.” (Which is weird because they are the same family!)

She said “Yes, I just don’t know why that name is so popular all of a sudden.”

Me: “I don’t know what to tell you Phyllis, I had that name picked out for the past five years.” (said in my curt back-off me voice)

She says: “Skip (her husband) just figures that everyone heard our grand-baby’s name and is now copying it.”

(Fuck you very much)

Me: “I don’t know what to tell you Phyllis.”

Perhaps what she wanted me to say is that I will relinquish my claim on this name so that her granddaughter will be the only one in the world. I have news for her, not going to happen. Her son and daughter in law didn’t even want a child, then Phyllis made a big deal about how the name was not going to be told until the child was born. Then about a year and a half ago she comes in and tells me the name and I wanted to vomit. All this time I was trying to get pregnant and bam, this chick is pregnant and used the exact same name I wanted! What are the odds of that! I was so upset the day that I found out that babies name that I called up Tom and Laura crying! I was a f’ing mess!

I considered changing my name choice at the time she told me her granddaughter had the same name, but Tom said: “No, that’s the name we chose and we are keeping it.” And he is absolutely right, she is a 65 year old woman, I am 23, it’s not like we will be working together forever. With any luck she’ll retire and I won’t have to hear about this anymore! I mean really, is it that big of a deal that we talk about this what seems like once a week. I am really sick of it and I can tell she gets angry whenever it is mentioned in conversation but I honestly don’t care, can we now move on to more important things? I feel like I am in high school.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laura
    Jan 23, 2008 @ 15:26:49

    That was incredibly narrow minded and cruel what that woman said to you. How rude! The last time I checked, it’s the parents’ choice to give their baby a name. It’s not up to a co-worker to decide you are a copy-cat. Pity’s sake, this is a child not a blouse.

    Ignore the biddy, concentrate on your health, and enjoy your new baby.

    Thank you! I agree!

  2. fancythis
    Jan 23, 2008 @ 16:13:25

    I’m over it too! It’s not like you did copy (I’ve been around for your baby name choice for a couple of years) but even if you did, who cares? If anything she should be flattered that you did copy (which you didn’t) because it’s SUCH a pretty name!

    Thank you, I love the name!

  3. ie
    Jan 23, 2008 @ 18:24:05

    I’m new here (hi!) so I don’t know the whole history.
    And so I didn’t know if you would consider changing the spelling slightly? (like I said, I don’t know what the name of your baby is going to be). I only ask this because I wouldn’t want you to have any negative energy towards the name because of the cruel comment this lady made. The name you bless your daughter with should be the one you want.

    The name I chose is the name I want to name by daughter and I am not going to let a 65 year old woman make me feel bad about it.

  4. markalan
    Jan 23, 2008 @ 22:21:00

    Maybe you should name the baby Phyllis

    HAHAHA! Not.

  5. TeamWinks
    Jan 24, 2008 @ 10:26:36

    Dying to know the name now! Perhaps you could covertly email it to me! :-) If not, I understand.

    I just emailed you!

  6. Giselle
    Feb 15, 2008 @ 14:53:33

    You know what, maybe she needs to be told to fuck off in a direct and open manner. Something along the lines of:

    “Y’know what, Phyllis? I don’t care about your grandkid, I don’t care about your (insert medical condition here), I don’t care about the dog show, and I *really* don’t care about what you think of me. Leave me alone so I can do my job.”

    It’s up to you, of course… but if you ever do tell her off, have someone record it for posterity, because the look on the old hag’s face will be priceless.

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