Feeling Better!?!

I am feeling a little better from the other day when I was in full fledged diabetes panic mode. The Diabetes Center made some changes today when I faxed my (blood sugar) numbers in and so far so good!

I am just feeling really, really stressed! I hate, hate, hate having that ‘nothing you can do will change anything’ feeling. Perhaps I am a huge slight control freak?

Like the house is coming along fairly well but there is really nothing I can do to help. My diabetes is a complete act of nature, I was way more physically active and ate next to no sweets and it didn’t phase my diabetes this weekend so that is super frustrating.

But, the diabetes is back under control as we speak so I hope it stays that way! The house is coming along as fast as it can. My husband and dad fixed the ceiling this weekend and I think it just needs a little more spackle and sanding before they can paint it. The bathroom is getting there. Dad did the plumbing for the bathtub and then we are going to put down tile, paint and install the new toilet and vanity and that will be done. I think the bedrooms just need painted and flooring installed…I think. This house is just like what you would see on TLC’s Flip That House. I kid you not, you start one thing and it opens another can of worms!

So if anyone wants to come over and lend a hand you are more than welcome! We’ll even buy the pizza!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. momma
    Jan 18, 2008 @ 10:33:38

    Note to any volunteers:
    Breakfast at 10:00
    Beer at 2:00!!

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