Ultrasound Day

What a fucking morning this has been.

It is my first day back after being out sick from work the past two days. Well as you all know Thursday is my weekly ultrasound. So I plan to go to the ultrasound,  have a look at the baby and then head back to work.

We start our appointment and everything is going good but the baby was extremely active more so than normal. Then the ultrasound chick checks the babies heart-rate and it is in the low 200’s!  Well I immediately saw the concern on her face and just that time I hear Tom say, “That is kind of high isn’t it?” Apparently I am blind because no where on the screen could I see the heart rate number. I asked what it was and the lady told me it was 198! I can feel the tears welling in my eyes but I tried to keep under control. The lady continues with the rest of the ultrasound and everything looks good…except the heart rate. So she says, “We might need to send you over to the hospital, I am going to go and look for the doctor and if he isn’t in yet I will page him.” Well all of this is starting to sound extremely urgent to me and as soon as the door closes I started to cry. I compose myself before she returns. She get back and tries to put a fetal monitor around my belly but the baby would not sit still long enough to get a good reading so I ended up being sent over to the office that is at the hospital. She didn’t want to send me to triage for fear they would take too long. So Tom drives us  over there and I get all strapped in to the fetal monitor and we sit and watch. This child was going from 125 to 180 but eventually calmed down enough that we were allowed to leave.

The doctors didn’t offer any reason for this mysterious heart rate craziness. It was all very upsetting. But we are both okay and she is doing well (as long as she doesn’t have another baby freak out moment).

 Oooh, I almost forgot, she weighs 5lbs 2oz! YAY!

(No pictures today since we had the baby scare)


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Colds Suck

The plague has it’s grip on me again! I can not believe that I have had two colds in the span of four months. Before my last cold I hadn’t been sick in probably two years. This blows. I stayed home from work today which was a blessing because I have been REALLY sick today! And to top things off childbirth class is tonight. I was considering not going until I remembered the hospital tour is tonight and really how can I miss that. I have been looking forward to the tour since day one. Wish me luck as I try to pull it together.

New Name, Same Great Taste!


I changed the name today from “When Life Hand You Lemons…” to “Life After Lemons…” I should have done it a year ago when I changed my attitude from depressed and miserable, to happy and content. Sometimes I’m a little slow with these things.  ;-)

I originally named my blog “When Life Hands You Lemons” because that is how my life was is, just one big lemon after the other. That feeling of never catching a break and you almost wonder, “God, are you there?” But now I realize I partially created my own sadness in a way, you can be overcome with the bad things that happen in life or you can overcome then. So I changed my attitude and here I am. To be quite honest, life just feels better this way.

I have always been more of a pessimist in most respects so I changed my view to be more optimistic and life really is better this way. It’s strange, I know but life is good. So here it is, my blog, “Life After Lemons…”. Let’s hope it stays this way!

Bio Physical #3

Had another today, baby is doing excellent. Her head is still down and her butt is on my left side and she normally kicks my right side.

What you are about to witness is by far the scariest ultrasound picture ever. She looks like she is screaming she has her eyes and mouth wide open. Kind of reminds me of a ghost or something.


I almost think she knew what was going on because in all of my other pictures from today she is peacefully relaxing with her hands drawn to her face. Then the ultrasound tech feverishly shakes the wand over my belly while saying “come on baby, show us your face!” Well ask and you will receive.

Of course after my mother looked at the picture she laughed for 15 minutes, we have a strange sense of humor in this family.

Childbirth Class (Day 3)

I almost forgot with everything aggravating me yesterday…

We had another class on Tuesday night, I must say, TMI! I do not need to know every possible thing about birth. Tom and I have agreed that it kind of makes you worry more about the “what ifs.”  This week we discussed C-Sections and Epidurals. I do not want either.

The epidural just gives me the heebe jeebes, they passed around what goes into your back and then hangs out taped to you, yuck. I didn’t want one before and now I really don’t want it. I could possibly change my mind when I am laying on the bed in horrendous pain but, for now I don’t really want to have an epidural.

The c-section, does anyone out there want to have one? I surely do not! Everyone I know that has has a c-section has a small stomach pouch that never goes away, I don’t need any help making my stomach look bigger. On the serious side, that scares the hell out of me. I have only ever had laparoscopic surgery and that was on my ovaries -painful- I can not imagine having my stomach cut open. It is very scary so I hope we don’t have any complications that call for a c-section.

Let me ask all of you:

Have you had an epidural? Do you recommend it?

Have you had a c-section? How did it go?

I Guess I’m A Bitch?

I am really really really sick of people. I just want to announce to everyone, “I don’t give a flying fuck what you think about me!”

Today, first thing in the morning around 7:00, my friend Phyllis comes up to me to chat. I am naming my baby the same exact name of her grandchild.

She proceeds to tell me how this family member of hers just had a baby and named her child the exact same name.

I said: “Oh that’s weird.” (Which is weird because they are the same family!)

She said “Yes, I just don’t know why that name is so popular all of a sudden.”

Me: “I don’t know what to tell you Phyllis, I had that name picked out for the past five years.” (said in my curt back-off me voice)

She says: “Skip (her husband) just figures that everyone heard our grand-baby’s name and is now copying it.”

(Fuck you very much)

Me: “I don’t know what to tell you Phyllis.”

Perhaps what she wanted me to say is that I will relinquish my claim on this name so that her granddaughter will be the only one in the world. I have news for her, not going to happen. Her son and daughter in law didn’t even want a child, then Phyllis made a big deal about how the name was not going to be told until the child was born. Then about a year and a half ago she comes in and tells me the name and I wanted to vomit. All this time I was trying to get pregnant and bam, this chick is pregnant and used the exact same name I wanted! What are the odds of that! I was so upset the day that I found out that babies name that I called up Tom and Laura crying! I was a f’ing mess!

I considered changing my name choice at the time she told me her granddaughter had the same name, but Tom said: “No, that’s the name we chose and we are keeping it.” And he is absolutely right, she is a 65 year old woman, I am 23, it’s not like we will be working together forever. With any luck she’ll retire and I won’t have to hear about this anymore! I mean really, is it that big of a deal that we talk about this what seems like once a week. I am really sick of it and I can tell she gets angry whenever it is mentioned in conversation but I honestly don’t care, can we now move on to more important things? I feel like I am in high school.

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