Please Pray!

My neighbor Buck came over today just as we were finishing up making supper. Buck is married to a lady named Joyce, they are just the cutest couple you would ever meet. I would say they are in there sixties and they always just seem so in love with one another. It is really just adorable to see them together!

Lately I haven’t seen much of Joyce, I just chalked it up to the fact that it is getting cold out so they aren’t out as much. Then there was the influx of visitors at there house, I just assumed it was her family and friends visiting for the holidays. Not the case.

Joyce has been battling cancer for seven years. Buck came over and wanted to let us know that Joyce isn’t going to last much longer. The doctor’s basically said she is too far gone. She stopped eating about two weeks ago so it won’t be much longer before the cancer takes her. Buck didn’t want us to read it in the paper so he came over and told us what has been going on. It was probably one of the saddest things I have ever seen.

Buck looked so broken, he didn’t look up once he just kept his head down and told us about his wife. I know he was just fighting back the tears, I wanted to give him a hug but I didn’t want him to be creeped out. He said they’ve been married for 47 years and it was all I could do not to cry.

I will be praying for him and his family so I was hoping that everyone else could pray for them as well. They are good and kind hearted people and it is just so heart breaking to see him losing his wife.

Happy New Year’s!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed New Year!


Personally, I’m just glad to have the next two days off of work!

Third Trimester…Finally

Today is the official day that I am seven months! WooHoo!

I am ever so slightly terrified as everyone around me seems to be giving birth early and I don’t really want to catch that fever if you know what I mean. Even the waitress at Apple-bees shared the story of her daughter going three and a half months early and the baby was born a little over a pound. My mind was once again filled with that panic-y fear! My friend at work was due in January and just had her baby this past week! She was thankfully born a little over five pounds so she didn’t have to go to the NICU. If anyone else goes into labor early I will be begging for bed rest just to be on the safe side. Seriously, I have come this far and don’t want any problems.

Now is apparently the time when everyone starts to offer advice and ask if you are “ready for the baby.” I at heart am ready for the baby because I want to hold her and do everything that comes with a baby. In reality no I am not ready! We do not have a room set up for her and don’t plan on putting one in this house. We figured it easier just to wait until we go to settlement and do her room first. I also have not had a baby shower and that is were the majority of baby paraphernalia comes from…am I right? So until that happens no I am “not ready,” but I am ready at heart!

The advice should be another post but I will share a brief story while getting my eyebrows waxed on Friday. Lynda my eyebrow chick asked if I would be nursing, I said yes and she did what everyone does when they hear that a 23 year old is going to breastfeed. She gave me the “Ohhhh really?” Then to catch herself she added a “That is good to hear, I breastfed all of my children.” I knew it was coming it was lingering in the air, the advice was sure to follow and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. She proudly declared “Make sure to start twisting those nipples now because let me tell you it hurts!” That was off the TMI rector scale that I did not need to know about the eyebrow lady. She then proceeds to inform me of how it ruins your breast, etc, etc. I had to shut her down quickly as this was getting too uncomfortable for even me. I kindly explained that my mother used to be a counselor for nursing mothers and she is going to be helping me with everything. That was the end of that. 

The eyebrow lady also told me I was waiting too late to do my childbirth classes. I called the hospital in October and the woman there scheduled it for January so that is really not my problem.

I am oh so grateful that this year during Christmas at Tom’s Aunt’s House I will not have to hear: “When are you two going to have kids.” Followed by me stuttering and stammering because I really felt like saying f’you we’ve been trying for three years. I would eventually mumble a “We’ll see” and left it at that. This year I will be proudly boasting my seven month belly thankful I will never have to hear that dreaded sentence again so long as I live.

Good luck to everyone still struggling on the desperate train of infertility I know it is hard during the holidays but I hope that next year holds a better outcome for all of you!

I Am SO Over This!

nose.jpg I am so sick and tired of my nose bleeding…at work. It would be different if I was in the comfort of my own home but the damn thing keeps bleeding at work. Maybe I am allergic and should no longer be working…hmm. It bled for thirty minutes today…yes I said thirty minutes. This has been the longest on record for my nosebleed season. Grandma did beat me the other day with her impeccable hour and a half nosebleed. You may be noticing where I get this from, *cough* Grandma, it is her fault I’ve decided.

After about ten minutes I decided I should go to the nurses office (lest I pass out)  and it then continued to bleed for another 20 minutes, lucky me. Now I have a headache and blood on my shirt. Doesn’t a nosebleed qualify you to go home and take it easy?

Me thinks it should!

18 Video Tapes

This is the saddest video/song ever! Seriously, get some tissues out!

We Are Such A Close Knit Family…

This whole situtation makes me chuckle…

Back around Thanksgiving my Great-Aunt Cookie called to tell my Dad that his Aunt Bea was about to pass and that she was very sick due to her cancer.  Well Dad wasn’t home so I talked to Aunt Cookie and she asked me to tell Dad so I did. It dawned on me after our phone conversation that Aunt Cookie didn’t know I was pregnant. Mostly everyone asks me the typical pregnant woman questions everytime they see me so I figuered she didn’t know because she never asked “How are you feeling.” I know I am a weirdo but bare with me.

So when Dad comes home I told him what Cookie said and he seemed like he really didn’t care. He said something along the lines of, “I’m not that upset about it, I never cared for the way she treated her kids.” So that was that. Then I said, “Daddy, did you ever tell any of them that I am pregnant?” He said, “You did at the family reunion.” Which I had to then explain that I didn’t know I was pregnant then because I took the test when I came back from Missouri. “Oooooh, well I guess they don’t know then. But, your Mom probably told Cook.”

Well no one told anyone anything! Can you freakin’ believe that? My dad’s side of the family didn’t know I was with child. Considering my Aunt Judy asked me if I was going to adopt at some point in time I feel it is best that people know that I am indeed pregnant and will most likely not be adopting. So that we can slow down the family rumor mill just a tad.

Well hopefully everyone knows now because I sent a little note out in my Christmas cards that we are expecting a baby girl, etc, etc.

This is all very typical of my family, divorces, babies, marriages, deaths all just seem to be stumbled upon in this family. No one ever calls and tells you anything except good ole’ Aunt Cookie-she atleast makes an effort to keep you informed. Then you just have to hope my Dad relays what she tells him to the rest of us!

We’ll Be Moving.

We are in the process of getting a new house. So far everything is in motion but you never really feel 100% until settlement is over…that should be the first week of January.

In my mother’s neighborhood there was a lone house that had hooligans living in it selling drugs and bringing down the neighborhood. They didn’t keep there house clean and had junk everywhere on the outside. It just looks ridiculously unkempt. Back before we bought the house we currently live in we had our realtor send them a letter of my intent to buy if they wanted to sell, they never responded so we went ahead and moved into the house we have.

Since having a baby looked like it was never going to happen we didn’t mind that our house was a small two bedroom with one bath. However, now that I am with child it is clear we need more room. So we heard about the aforementioned “drug house” having been sold sheriff sale and my mother stalked went down and gave her phone number to the workers to have the owner call her.

We met with the current owner (a house flipper) and asked him to stop with the improvements and that we would like to buy the house from him. The man had already put a new garage door and new roof on but we will be doing the rest ourselves. Lucky for me I have a handy dad that can do just about anything when it comes to remodeling. He taught my brother and I a few things so I can attempt to help as well (I say attempt because no one lets me do anything because I’m pregnant!)

The house wasn’t that horrible on the inside in my opinion, I’ve seen worse. Essentially it needs new flooring and new paint everywhere. The bathrooms need gutted and replaced and a little bit of drywall work here and there. Most of the big things can wait until we find a money tree save up for it.

I am super excited! The best part about this house is that it is the same model house as my parents! Which is also the house I grew up in! I will also cut about thirty minutes off my commute to work every day which is a blessing since gas prices seem to keep getting higher and higher. We will be living on the same street as my mother and father which is good because I can keep an eye on Grandma, we are literally like three or four houses away from each other.

I’ve Decided…

…That the baby is sitting on a nerve. The pain gets better then it gets worse, you have a good day then the next day it hurts again. But, the pain never goes away completely. My co-workers have also diagnosed me with the “nerve” diagnosis and since they all have children I am going to agree with them.

I go to the doctors Jan. 2nd and I will mention it to her then.

It hurts a lot to sit today so I just might shoot myself, I sit a good 99.9% of the time at work, not fun.

Oh well, not much I can do.

Wordless Wednesday-Le Bebe


Happy Tossmas!

My brother sent me this! It had me cracking up!

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