Pregnant Emotional Train-Wreck

Lately I have had this weird sadness going on. I am going to blame this strictly on my pregnancy hormones. Really anything could set me off into a crying fit. Yes, it is THAT bad.

 My latest crying fit was today when Tom jokingly(?) said that the boy name we agreed on was “gay” and he was re-thinking it. This resulted in instant tears that lasted into a half hour of my crying. WTF. Now I know Tom was joking (?) but for some reason I had to cry about it anyway.

I then proceeded to dig myself further into a hole when I told him he is a control freak and never lets me do anything. That is totally and completely untrue statement but I was busy crying and having a fit like a toddler. Anyone that knows us knows that Tom gives me everything (except a cat) and that statement was completely false.

So that begs me to ask the question of why am I acting this way? I can come up with one reason. Hormones.

Saturday, I started crying, I was so sure that something is/was wrong with the baby. I don’t feel the baby move ever and in my head this resulted into something being wrong. I had no logical explanation for feeling this way, I was just being completely irrational. Thus I say again, Hormones.

Another thing weighing on my mind, my best friends husband being deployed. I am not particularly close to him, but for some reason the thought of him leaving makes me very sad. I think I just don’t want my friend to have to deal with this and I hate not being able to “fix” this. I also feel at a loss for words when talking to her about it because I have never went through it myself. She is the strong wise one, I am the crying mess one. Now the tables have turned.

Right now even I feel a little weepy. No reason in particular, I guess I just like to cry?! Or maybe having a baby makes you act like a baby? Interesting.

In other news, the chick at work who has been out all week, is officially on leave of absence. As I predicted. I will go on further to predict she will come back sometime before I have the baby, maybe February.


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  1. fancythis
    Oct 29, 2007 @ 07:23:54

    i don’t know what to say to me either….don’t feel so bad

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