It’s A Girl!


Look closely to the picture above. The baby is blowing bubbles!


The Halfway Mark!

YAY! I am half way through my pregnancy! Time is really flying and I can’t believe it is twenty weeks already! Woo-Hoo!

I really just can’t wait to have the baby just to hold him/her. I will feel much better (mentally) when the baby is born and in my arms.

Tuesday I have an ultrasound so hopefully I will know if it is a him or her.

Here is the awful ultrasound pic from when I was seventeen weeks: (it is really hard to see anything)


This Is Why I Love Him…

Today there was a parade on Main Street in the town of Newark. My eldest niece was in it, but I wanted to stay home and not freeze my ass off so I stayed home. I called my mother later in the day to see how everything went. The proud grandmother that she is went on about my niece and how cute she was in the parade, I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Then she tells me about my dad…

There was, for some reason that I have yet to grasp, a political demonstration of sorts in the parade. Mom said there was three people dressed up, one was Bush, one was Cheney and one was Condoleezza. They were chained together in prison shackles and had war crime and other things written on there back. Apparently they were booing and my dad yells: “And boo to you too!” and the boo-er yells back “What did you say” and my dad yells back “I hope you trip!” Now I would have paid to seen this, I probably would have pissed my pants laughing. Why they had this demonstration of sorts in a family parade, I will never know. But don’t be surprised to find that a republican will take offense and say something to you. Hell, I was offended. But when my mom proceeded to say that the democrats were handing out candy and dad refused to take it, I lost it! His exact words were I won’t eat this “damn democratic candy.” I was literally laughing for a good five minutes. I am so much like my dad it is scary.

Pregnant Emotional Train-Wreck

Lately I have had this weird sadness going on. I am going to blame this strictly on my pregnancy hormones. Really anything could set me off into a crying fit. Yes, it is THAT bad.

 My latest crying fit was today when Tom jokingly(?) said that the boy name we agreed on was “gay” and he was re-thinking it. This resulted in instant tears that lasted into a half hour of my crying. WTF. Now I know Tom was joking (?) but for some reason I had to cry about it anyway.

I then proceeded to dig myself further into a hole when I told him he is a control freak and never lets me do anything. That is totally and completely untrue statement but I was busy crying and having a fit like a toddler. Anyone that knows us knows that Tom gives me everything (except a cat) and that statement was completely false.

So that begs me to ask the question of why am I acting this way? I can come up with one reason. Hormones.

Saturday, I started crying, I was so sure that something is/was wrong with the baby. I don’t feel the baby move ever and in my head this resulted into something being wrong. I had no logical explanation for feeling this way, I was just being completely irrational. Thus I say again, Hormones.

Another thing weighing on my mind, my best friends husband being deployed. I am not particularly close to him, but for some reason the thought of him leaving makes me very sad. I think I just don’t want my friend to have to deal with this and I hate not being able to “fix” this. I also feel at a loss for words when talking to her about it because I have never went through it myself. She is the strong wise one, I am the crying mess one. Now the tables have turned.

Right now even I feel a little weepy. No reason in particular, I guess I just like to cry?! Or maybe having a baby makes you act like a baby? Interesting.

In other news, the chick at work who has been out all week, is officially on leave of absence. As I predicted. I will go on further to predict she will come back sometime before I have the baby, maybe February.


I’m at work talking about how I still want a cat but Tom keeps vetoing me and then like the voice of God…

“Heather, I have kittens you can have, we have two left.”

 AHAHAHAHA! I want one!

So, Tom, can we have one! PLEASE!!!!!!! It was just my birthday and I am having your baby, doesn’t that count for something?

I promise to be good!


Look how cute they are!

Christmas Shopping

I am very excited to go Christmas Shopping! Is anyone else feeling this way?

What I really can’t wait to do is when my two best friends and I go shopping in Lancaster, PA. We try to make it up there every year to go shopping together, I am stoked!

Does anyone have a shopping tradition they usually do?

Wordless Wednesday



It’s The Little Things

Remember when I was all upset about not getting that job I applied for. Well…it was probably for the best.

Friday my co-worker had a nervous breakdown, seriously. She had an appointment with her therapist in the middle of the work day and I don’t know what happened but she came back to work afterwards. All of a sudden she starts hysterically bawling, hyperventilating, the whole nine. My manager told her to go home so she could deal with whatever happened. That was Friday, she still has not come back to work?!?! We share the same function, so you put the two of us together and all the work gets done, you follow. Take her away now there is too much work for one person (I would be the one person) well now that we have a new boss (i.e. the girl who got the job I applied for) she gets all the “extra work.”  This means I just saved myself from doing all the work, like last time when home-girl had a issue and went out on leave and I did everything for that particular function. Muhuwahaha, sometimes things just have a way of panning out.

If home-girl isn’t back to work by Monday then she will probably be taking a mental leave of absence and then all her work will continue to go to the other girl.

Please note the chick having the nervous breakdown is one of those people who freak and worry about everything! As soon as I announced to the team that I am pregnant she comes up to me to begin discussing the logistics of my going out on leave in March! March people, as this point in time it was still July I believe. I hope she gets out of her funk but she brings all of this stress on herself, she needs to take it down about 20 notches.

What To Do, What To Do


Have I ever mentioned how much I hate work? Just getting up in the morning to come here makes me want to cry. I think I can’t handle it, I am not afraid to admit this. I am not a person that should work or at-least not for this company. Every day getting out of bed is a chore. I would LOVE to be able to be a stay at home wife and the house would sparkle and the yard would be perfect and dinner would be hot off the stove every night! I would just love it, that is my dream. I don’t want to bust my balls working for nothing and feel like I have nothing to show for it. I am sure other people feel this way too, it is very sad. I need to at-least make it to June of next year that way I will be vested in my pension and that will give me something to get out of bed for, I guess. I just have this hatred in my heart when I come here. It is hard to explain, I just hate it. I hate being around these fake people. I hate this shitty job. I hate my desk. I hate everything that entails a day at work.

Here is my plan: Trudge through until June. In the meantime, start paying off bills like crazy and saving money. Then come June I might be able to say F-this job. Then I can go work part-time at a flower shop or not work at all. Either would be fine with me. We’ll see, until then I’ll try not to have a breakdown of some sort.

Thank You Guys!

I love you both very much! Even when we take a horrific picture together, lmao!



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