New Pennsylvania Forum!

My brother, as some of you may know, runs a forum called TalkDelaware. Not too long ago he was given the opportunity to create another forum called TalkPA, for all the Pennsylvanians out there! It is an awesome website where you can go and learn more about the events in PA. It also has other discussions that are not technically “PA” related, but fun and interesting none the less. So if you are from PA or know someone that is spread the news!

Membership is free and you will get to meet some great people!

Man Am I Lazy!

I just realized that I have become a lazy sloth. Seriously. It happened sometime around four months ago. I don’t want to cook, I don’t want to clean. I just want to sit around and do nothing. Maybe I have realized that I will be doing this for the next forever and decided to give myself a break, who knows. What I do know is that looking around my house it is super cluttered! I mean really, I can’t stand it any longer.

So I am going to try to get my ass in gear and clean the house and I mean clean the house. I do have a little incentive, the realtor is coming tomorrow! So off I go, vacuum in hand.


My ticker to the right says:

 “Baby has began urinating.”

That’s a pleasant thought, thank you for that.

I Think Me Head Is Going To Explode!

I still have a “cold” which I have decided is my “morning sickness” for my second trimester. My head is like a faucet of mucus that just can’t be turned off. The baby has re-programmed my body so that A) Nothing I take for it will work and B) I might throw up after taking anything that is “foreign,” this includes sinus medicine.

I switched OB’s yesterday, my first appointment isn’t until next week! I am excited/terrified, it is always scary meeting new doctors. My old doctor called the Maternal and Fetal Medicine office and cancelled my ultrasound the same day I had my records switched. It seemed a little vindictive but I am sure it is all protocol. I was supposed to have an ultrasound Oct. 16th but now I am not sure what the new doctor will do. Hopefully she won’t dilly-dally and I will have my ultrasound on or around the same day. I started taking the HB meds that the other OB prescribed for me and I felt like I was having a panic attack, my heart started racing and I couldn’t breathe. Needless to say I stopped taking them.

We are most likely going to put our house on the market, I am nervous/excited. We will be meeting with a realtor on Saturday, I hope everything goes well.

Family Camping…

Tom and I headed down to Elk Neck State Park on Friday for our adventures in camping. It was coming close to being dark so we put the tent up and headed back to town to eat dinner at Woody’s in North East, MD. Dinner was awesome! Tom had lobster tails and I had crab au grautin. We headed back to camp after dinner and created a fire, roasted marshmallows and went to bed.

We decided to leave the top off to get some air in the tent. Around 6:00 it started raining, we hopped out of bed and ran around the tent putting the top on, fun times. Of course I couldn’t sleep because A) I was hungry and B) I still am sick and could hardly breathe out of my nose. I went to take a shower around 9:00 only to realize mid-shampoo that I forgot a towel. So I did the only thing I could do short of hiking back to the tent naked. I wore my clothes back to the tent without towel drying…lucky me. As by this point my stomach is eating itself I scoured the van for something to eat and found graham crackers. I went back to the tent and stared off into space until around 10:00 when I decided I will surely starve to death and that we must go find a Denny’s. I woke Tom up and told him  I was hungry so he finally got up and showered. As we are driving back to town we see Mom, Dad and Mak pass us on the way to the campground so we turned back to go talk to them (no phone reception). Thank God they had Arbys and I finally was able to eat!

We spent the rest of the time setting up the rest of camp, playing on the playground and enjoying each other’s company. Good times!

The campsite:

The view from behind the tent:

Our resident lizard:

Dad tearing down a rotten tree:

Tom assisting Mak on the monkey bars:

No, No, No…

I’m officially “High Risk,” I suppose I technically always have been but I have officially been labeled as such.

Thursday was my monthly appointment with the OB, I was able to listen to the heartbeat (finally) for about half a second. Literally as soon as I was beginning to hear the heartbeat the doctor says can you hear it, I said yes and he took the machine off. Tom didn’t even hear it so that was a bummer for both of us.

The doctor seemed very much like he was rushing us. I told him I had diabetes (couldn’t remember if I told him last time) he immediately said he wants me on insulin. Just like that, he doesn’t know what my sugars run, he apparently doesn’t care what the diabetes doctor says, just you need to take insulin. Then I tried to explain how everything is going good with my sugars and they monitor my diabetes and thyroid and everything is going well. He says do you have thyroid problems? (Mind you that wasin my chart already) I said yes, I have hypo-thyroid. He said, OMG is there anything else you didn’t tell me? I said, I did have high blood pressure but it has been fine so the doctor took me off my medicine. He said, You need to take medicine again, go to your doctor and get a prescription.

Can you believe this? This guy is really pushing the meds on me! He doesn’t even know how my blood pressure and sugar readings have been going and he wants me on insulin and blood pressure pills, WTF! He said that my BP will get worse and so will the diabetes so I need to be on the meds now. He kind of seemed like he was bugging out. He also said that I have to have Level II ultrasounds once a month to check the babies size and the thyroid. 

While I am excited that I get to see the baby once a month, I am nervous about all the pills and tests, etc…

It seems to me that the doctor is pushing meds off on me and rushing through my appointments. I feel like I should switch doctors, but I am uncertain. I have no faith in the OB’s they all seem to rush you or have some weird quirky thing. This is my third OB/GYN in nine years and I fear I may never find one I truly like! So if I don’t switch soon I will def. switch after the baby.

What’s Next!

Today my husband is going to the doctors because he thinks he has skin cancer. Yes, skin cancer, at age 24.

It runs in his family so there is a very real possibility that he could have it. So today I’ll be worrying and praying everything turns out okay.


Everything turned out okay, no cancer.

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