Graduation Day (11 weeks 4 days)

Thursday was our last appointment with the Reproductive Endocrinologist and now we have “graduated” to my regular OB. It was kind of sad, I love everyone in that office and I won’t see them again until I am pregnant again. This also ends my weekly ultrasounds, sniffle sniffle! On the other hand I will not miss my weekly copay of $30.00 and I no longer have to take progestrone! YAY!

The baby was sleeping and was not moving a muscle. The ultrasound chick at one point reached up and stabbed at my belly a few times to try to get the baby to move a little. That worked for about 2.2 seconds. It was so cute Tom, Mom and Mom-in-Law came to the appointment and my MIL is SOOO excited! My mom even said to me today, “Tom’s mom is so cute she is so excited!” Mom also realized, “You know I’m never going to get to see your baby, I’ll have to fight Tom’s mom for it.” She was joking of course but there maybe a little bit of truth to that statement.

Here is the pics of the baby and I don’t want to hear anyone say it still looks like a blob. A blob would be furthest from the truth.





I have a stinking head cold. The freakiest thing ever, it is only on the right side of my head/neck. Never had anything like it.

Nose is clogged and or snotty on the right nostril, right eye waters, right ear hurts, right side of neck hurts and my right side of my throat is sore! I think it is bizarre to say the least.

 This all started with  hellacious sinus headaches for about a week, maybe it is draining in the form of a cold. Either that or I have a sinus infection-on the right side.

Has anyone ever had this before?


My doctor said it seems like sinus congestion for right now and not a full blown infection. But if it goes untreated it will turn into a sinus infection so. I must use sea salt nasal spray for two days and try to flush out the congestion. Then I move on th Flonase nasal spray for two days and if that doesn’t work I move onto amoxicillin until it clears up.

My solution to all of this was to fill the flonase and amoxicillin prescriptions today and immediately start taking both of them. I mean really, sea salt spray, get out of my town with that crap. I actually threw-up yesterday because I was so sick, then I immediately went to bed (around 6:00) and didn’t wake up until 5:00 in the morning. I feel like death warmed over and sea spray is not going to cut it. Also I am drinking good old hot tea with honey and that makes my throat feels tons better.

I Am So Proud!

My niece’s first commercial:

The commercial will air on the Style network (locally) seven times a day starting in September.

Fun Times!

We had our annual barbecue this past Saturday, super fun! Although all day we all complained about how it was “hot as balls” out here and that surely we were going to die from the heat. All of a sudden the weather decided it wanted to be 98 freaking degrees and as humid as possible. But we made it through and had a lovely time. The barbecue is always my time to get caught up with the people I grew up with and Tom’s family. 

Poor mom dehydrated herself (on accident, of course) and I think had heat exhaustion to go with it. She got horribly sick and ended up going home early, it was a real bummer. Every year we all look forward to the BBQ and mom practically does everything to get it ready and she was pretty upset that she got so sick.

“The boys,” as I call them really scare the shit out of me sometimes. You just want to help them change their lives around but they don’t want help, they seem to like the way they live just fine. That scares me even more.  It would appear that whoever was “less drunk” received the honor of driving home. Of course fancythisand I were really upset by this, but there is no talking to these boys, do you hear me, no talking to them! When I called Tom and told them what they did he said “They do it all the time.” I was even more concerned, it’s not like they are just endangering themselves but other people. A few times these boys would say something and I would give them the old you shouldn’t do that because xyz… They really scare me, I hope they grow out of there wild and crazy behavior.

We had Tom’s mom tell his side of the family that I am pregnant, it was so cute! His mom is super excited and she is hoping we have a girl! She was so cute, she looked over at me and said, “can I tell them now, I am about to explode!” I gave that a good chuckle and told her to go right ahead.

Sunday, we had a man come and give us an estimate for an addition. Holy smokes, it would cost a hell of a lot of money! We paid 157,000.00 for our house, by my calculations to complete the addition it would cost about 60-70,000.00 dollars total. That would mean I might as well just buy a new house, am I wrong? I about had a stroke and decided we should just wait and see how next year goes once we have the baby and everything. I don’t want to feel like fools rush in and get financially stuck.

The Finance Nazi

In our family I am the one that writes out the bills and takes care of any and all paperwork. Husband prefers it this way, sure we will have an occasional spat about me spending too much money but when I offer him the checkbook responsibility he is ducking and dodging. He knows the checkbook is a pain in the ass, quite frankly worrying about bills is a pain in the ass. My husband would also prefer I never ever put anything on either credit card. I totally and completely understand that but sometimes you just have to. Lately Tom has been on this pay off bills and don’t use credit cards rampage. This is just fine by me. So you can imagine my surprise when he says, lets go to Rome, just put in on the credit card. Ummm…I don’t think so. Rome is something we will be saving for next year as previously planned. Clearly my husband had lost his damn mind!

We have been planning to go to Italy to celebrate our ten years of being together four of which are the married years. We thought about this trip last year and I really didn’t imagine being pregnant. So there is only one thing to do, pump milk for a week and ship our little baby off to his/her grandparents!  ;-)  No really I am being serious.

First OB Appointment! (10 weeks, 2 days)

Much to my surprise it was pretty much like having an annual. For those who don’t know what an annual is, allow me to explain. Get a pap-smear, feel around on your uterus, leave. You are in and out of the actual exam in about two seconds.

I think I spent a half an hour filling out forms, did you know they ask you if you want your baby to have a social security number? I had to check yes and sign my name! I must be naive because I really thought everyone (from this country)  was automatically given a number, I thought that question was very odd.

They gave me a huge shopping bag full of free stuff and information, very neat, I can’t wait to get home and look through it!

I also had blood drawn about seven vials and had to pee in a cup, I hope all that blood work comes back okay. I didn’t even think to ask exactly what all they were checking.

So far so good! Next month we will get to listen to the babies heartbeat, how exciting!

Nine Weeks Four Days

Here is the pics from Thursday that I have been too busy to post. I will warn you the baby is upside down and the angles look weird.


This is the backside of the baby, the white line towards the top is the spine.


At the very top are the feet and at the very bottom is the babies head.


The heartbeat a very good 179, doesn’t that mean it is a girl?


In this pic I could swear I see a little face, Tom saw it too but said it was my imagination…interesting. Also the baby has his hand near his face like he’s waving!

The baby was sooo active this week! He/she was moving around so much the tech could hardly do the measurements! The baby waved and did a little break dance while we were looking at him/her. It was so special and amazing, to think that all of that was going on inside of me and I had no clue until I saw it on the screen. It was just so awesome!

P.S. My hair has started to fall out, it is kind of freaking me out. It would be different if I had thick hair but my hair is fine/thin. Hopefully I don’t start having bald patches!  ;-)

Protected: Friend or Foe?

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The Mistress

My oh so loving husband took me down to the Red Lobster last night! Isn’t he the sweetest! I had a craving in the worst way for garlic shrimp scampi and snow crab legs! On the way there he says:

Tom: Where are your rings?

Me: I took them off when I got home.

Tom: Now it looks like I am taking my mistress to dinner!

Me: It happens.

Makayla Mondays

Let me preface this by saying that every Monday in the summer I go and pick my oldest niece up from daycare when I get off of work. Usually she will talk your ear off. Last week she asked my five hundred thousand questions. This week she sang songs and was fairly quiet. She sang a lovely rendition on Aqua’s Barbie Girl song:

“I’m a boppie girl in a boppie world”

“It’s in taffy, It’s in taffy”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her she was singing it ass-backwards, she was so proud of herself!

When we got home I made her a sandwich and she ate some cookies. Finally I was able to sit down with her (of course after I vacuumed the cookie crumbs of the couch). She likes to rough house with a few people me being one of them. I have however asked her repeatedly to stop jumping and hitting my belly, you see where this is going don’t you. So we are sitting there and she starts to press on my belly. All of a sudden:

Mak: Did you hear that

Me: Hear what

Mak: It went meep

Me: What did?

Mak: I think it was your baby in your belly

Me: Is that because you were pressing on my belly?

(Insert child’s evil grin)

Me: I told you if you keep doing that you might hurt her.

Mak: It’s not a her! It’s a boy, right Aunt Heather?

Me: We still have to wait to find out!


This child cracks me up!


This was taken today, she was very busy watching Nemo, no time for pictures!


This pic is from her birthday party a couple of months ago: Uncle Tom, Mak and Aunt Heather

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