Thoughts At Large…

  • What is the deal with people and driving in the fog? Does all knowledge of how to drive in foggy weather just fly right out the window?
  • I was getting terrified about breast feeding yesterday after a few girls at work kept going on and on about it. So last night I prayed about not being nervous  when it comes time to breastfeed. As soon as I was done praying it dawned on me, neither of them have breast fed a day in there lives so why am I listening to them? That was the fastest a prayer has ever been answered!
  • I have been thinking about building an addition on to the back of the house and putting in a driveway in the front of the house. I am really nervous, I don’t know if I want the added expense of a home equity loan or what ever we decide to do. Maybe I should start calling around for estimates.
  • I have convinced myself I am having a boy and now everyone is convinced I am having a boy too. We are already calling the baby the boy name. I think it will be hilarious to find out I am having a girl!
  • Yesterday my niece asked me how do they get the baby out of your belly…I ignored that question, I’ll leave that up to her parents to tell her!  ;-)
  • I have decided on what crib bedding I want it is super cute!
  • Our toilet seat broke on Sunday and what a pain in the ass this has become, literally! I fear for my leg when I sit down to pee! I might as well try to sit on the mouth of an alligator!
  • People at work are getting on my last reserved nerve!

Second Ultrasound

I had my second ultrasound on Wednesday and they told me my due date is March 17, 2008…St. Patrick’s Day! I kept saying to Tom, isn’t there something on the 17th, someone’s birthday or something? He said no and finally my sister-in-law said “oh that is St. Patrick’s Day!” I had one of those eureka moments, I really could not think of what the 17th was! Any-who, we watched the heartbeat, it was very amazing, it is feeling a little bit more real now! Still no sickness, boobs hurt a lot though…feels great when your niece is jumping all over you and knocking into them, yowser! She is four and me and her usually rough house together so her being easy is still new territory we are working on. She asked me today “Are you going to have your baby taken out at the same place my mommy had her baby taken out at?” She cracks me up, “taken out” sounds like I am having a tumor removed instead of giving birth. 

The babies heartbeat is good, 119 beats per minute. Everything looks good so far, my progesterone is still a little low so they increased my medicine again. I think if this form of progesterone doesn’t start working my next step will be progesterone shots. My blood pressure was very normal which is good because they took me of my HBP medicine last week!  

Here are this week’s pics:




Looks a lot like an olive to me! The black is the amniotic fluid and the grayish part (where the + signs are) in the middle is the embryo. That whole grayish part inside of the black is where we saw the heartbeat, it was all very cool!

The Hottie and The Drowned Rat…

We’ll just file this under worst picture ever taken of me….


The Brad Paisley Concerts

July 21st Fancythis and I traveled on down to Charlotte, North Carolina for a Brad Paisley concert. The drive was about eight and a half hours and was pretty uneventful. It is nice to just take the weekend off and get out of town for a few days! While we were there we got our nails done and had a nice dinner, you know girl time. When we got to the concert we used the same excuse that we used last year so that we could park in VIP parking…muhuwahaha. We waited in the world’s longest line to pick our tickets up from will call and ended up missing the Taylor Swift portion of the concert. That was the first thing to tick us off. Then we get to our seats and we didn’t like them, they were four rows from the front but we felt like we were off in left field, second thing to tick us off. Jack Ingram came on after we got seated and he sucked, third thing to tick us off. Kellie Pickler came on after him in her red high heels and was just adorable, she is a good entertainer and sings very well. It was sad, she started to sing this one song about her mother and how she was never around as a child and she started bawling, it was so sad it made me want to cry. I suppose it was hard for her to sing that song and be in her hometown all at the same time. Then Brad came on and the security person told us to go on up and stand right next to the stage. So that’s what we did and we sung and danced and had a good ol’ time! Unfortunately we again did not catch his hat or a single guitar pick! Better luck next time I guess.


July 25th Fancythis, Emmy and Fancythis’s sister went to the State Fair and watched Brad again! Super fun! I think I had more fun here than I did in Charlotte. Emmy had me cracking up the whole time. The man in front of her did not get out of his seat the whole time which is really quite annoying when you are trying to dance and such during the concert. But other than that we all had a great time! At the end of the concert I walked over to the Meet and Greet area so that I could meet Brad. Once I was over there I realized my camera was missing, I then had a panic attack, ran back to our seats, no camera, called Em to see if L had my camera, L said no, Em looked at L’s wrist and sure enough that is where my camera was L just forgot she had it on her wrist, crisis averted! I waited in line to meet Brad and when I got in there I was only slightly star-struck. He shook my hand said hi and thanks for coming to the show, autographed my album cover, took my picture and sent me on my way. It took all of two minutes. He is adorable and very shy, he seemed a little too skinny the road must be hard on him. So I guess we will be doing it all again next year and hopefully Fancythis will get to meet him next year.


Well, I am completely exhausted! After running down to NC this weekend to go to a Brad Paisley concert in Charlotte and the lack of sleep I get every night, I need a nap. I think I need to go to bed at 8:30 this way I will feel well rested when I wake at 5:00 in the morning. Going to bed at 10:30-11:30 every-night is just not cutting it! I am seriously fantasizing about going home tonight and sleeping for a good four hour nap.

Well I have to get back to work since everyone likes to take vacation at the same time, argh.

Oh What A Beautiful Day!

Today was my first ultrasound and as you can imagine I was nervous beyond belief! I was hoping and praying that the baby was where it should be and not tubal! The good news is “this is exactly what I wanted to see,” the doctor informed me! YAY! One worry down, five million more to think about!  ;-)  They took my blood and called later in the day, my HCG is good it raised 113% my progesterone was a little low so they want me to double up on my medicine for that. I also had an appointment with my normal doctor to change my high blood pressure medicine, she told me I no longer have to take any meds! My pressure is really good and that as long as the other doctors monitor it I should be okay! YAY!!! Tom and I decided to celebrate by going to the Melting Pot and enjoying a nice meal together. We had a really good time and we were able to sit down and talk about things for the baby.

I don’t really feel “pregnant” just as yet. I do have to pee a lot and occasionally feel nausea but it never lasts long and it doesn’t happen every day! My mood swings are scary, usually I swing in to bitch mode and my friends at work give me a hard time about it! I think it is kind of funny because the one girl that just had a baby was fifty times worse than me so we all pointed that out to her today, muhuwahaha! She also has this habit of calling people by there first and middle initial and I think it is annoying so I turned the table on her and started calling her kids and her by there initials, she was not amused! Hopefully when I have a baby she doesn’t call them by there initials as I am trying to teach her a lesson. HAHAHA!

Here are the pics of my baby:



The doctor said it is still the yolk sac and there isn’t a visible embryo just as yet. Next week there should be the embryo and my ultrasound for that is next Thursday. She told me I need to go every week now for bloodwork and ultrasound. I think this will be interesting to see things progress week by week. When I got up to change I told Tom to hold the picture of his baby and he says “you mean my yolk sac.” He thinks he is a comedian and had my mother in hysterics. I think they both just like saying yolk sac because they seem to slip it in to conversation whenever there is an opening, ridiculous! So I guess that is enough of my ramblings for the evening, I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted!

A New Addition To The Family…

Well it is going to be Tom’s new baby, does that count? After this and all the car eggings happened to our 2005 Dodge Magnum, Tom wanted a new car. I put him off as long as possible but then during vacation he hit the curb and ripped the skirting off of one whole side, that straw broke the camels back. We spent all night at the dealers and test drove three different cars and here is what he liked best:


It is a 2008 Dodge Avenger. It is very nice; heated seats, sunroof, leather, etc. He is very thrilled about the whole thing. He can’t wait to take it back up there tomorrow to have the gas tank filled and the car cleaned up (not that it looks dirty). 

I must admit, I already miss the Magnum, sniffle, sniffle!

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