Blah, Blah, Blah

All week I have been fretting over this damn test I had to do at Dr. F’s office. I knew it was going to be painful especially when I read “take 800mg Ibuprofen before the procedure.”

I had to have a sonohysterography to make sure my uterus is a-okay. It is just fine as I figured it would be, but the pain from this test was really something. Before the test Rhonda the physicians assistant told me it wasn’t as painful as an HSG, thank God! But it ventured pretty close to it.

Before she started the procedure she did the typical ultrasound of the ovaries and uterus to check everything before she began. When she positioned the ultrasound “wand” to my right ovary, I thought the machine must be broken, I can’t see anything, why is there a massive black spot? So she tells me it is a cyst! What the piss! I thought I might of had a cyst because my side has been hurting for the past three weeks, it doesn’t hurt anymore so I figuered it burst already. That is not the case, the cyst is about the size of a grapefruit and has completely covered my right ovary. Now, I can not exercise or anything physical because she said I could twist my ovary. I am pretty sure at this point that I can’t win for losing! To top it off this cyst is producing a whole mess of estrogen which turns to fat and I am trying to lose weight!!! Why is the devil trying to bring me down?  :evil:

So other than that everything is going pretty well for me, I have still managed to lose weight. Losing weight slowed down a bit and I was concerned why but now I am going to blame it on the cyst!  ;-)  I managed to squeeze my big butt into Bermuda shorts that are two sizes smaller from my original pant size! Yay! Is it just me or are shorts cut way smaller than pants and capris? I can fit one size in pants/capris, but in shorts I have to buy a size bigger! I am thinking this is a conspiracy!


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  1. Thinking Out Loud
    Jun 13, 2007 @ 14:50:11

    (((Lemons))) sorry about the cyst. Will they remove it or give you something to shrink it? Sounds scary! Praying for you!

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