Humor From The Weekend…

Here is a couple of humorous quotes and stories from this weekend…

(L and I in the car she is driving about 70 or so in a 55, we pass a cop car that is looking for speeders and he doesn’t come after us)

L: “Apparently he is looking for people in the 80-100 range.”

(Parents and I are eating dinner Sunday night, I was mainly talking to my mother and told her my back has been hurting from not walking due to the rain.)

Dad: “Don’t you have a rain-suit”

Me: “I am not walking in the rain!”

Tom: “Yeah, she wants to join the gym in the winter because she doesn’t want walk in the cold.”

Tom: “All she needs to do is layer up.”

Mom: “Tom, have you started walking too?”

Tom: “No”

Followed by fits of laughter

(On Friday I was at the spa for my brazilian regular maintenance)

The aesthitician tells me to go ahead and get undressed from the waist down and jump on the table. She shut the door and left me to undress. I am half naked and hop on the table and it swivels out and rubs hard against my leg and butt. It hurt really bad and I cursed myself for forgetting the table swiveled. There was nothing to do but laugh. Then I realized that I ripped the cloth slightly in half while I was trying to hold on for dear life. I then prattled through the cabinets looking for a new cloth to no avail! What the heck can I just have a normal waxing without some embarrassing moment? Maybe this is a sign!


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