Going to My Homelands.

It’s vacation time! Going to Missouri, leaving tonight. I am still not packed, just call me Mrs. Procrastination!

 I went to my mom’s earlier today to see my neices one last time before we leave, it is also my oldest neices birthday today. I start to leave and the oldest one throws a fit! It was the fit of all fits, I have never seen the likes from her before. The poor thing was screaming and crying, “I want to go with you, I am going to miss you, No Heather!” Pulling on the back of my shirt all the way down the driveway until I got in the car. I started to cry a tiny bit, it was heart-wrenching to watch her like that. I hope she is okay while we are gone, since her Mammie and Gampie are leaving for the week with us. She is so attached to us and it is making me sad just thinking about it.

I have been in the worst mood all week, the impending burial of Grandpa, missing my girls, leaving the dogs and finding out that I have to go to “the diabetes center” for practically the rest of my life.

I guess it’s time to put my big girl britches on and pack my bags! But why am I so damn weepy?

Survey Says…

Here is the answer to my lying post.

I do not like the beach. I got you all pretty good as most people (especially when they live only 45 minutes away from one) love the beach. With me as the exception.

Thanks for playing y’all this was a fun one.

Brad Paisley

As many of you know I love Brad Paisley. I even joined the fan Club, mainly to buy VIP tickets for the shows I attend because the seats are the best. So anywho, you are given the oppurtunity to register for a Meet and Greet. This will allow you (if you are chosen) to meet Brad and have your picture taken with him. I have entered in the Meet and Greet contestant a total of four times. Everytime I have not been chosen. I checked this weekend and still hadn’t been chosen. I decided to check today at work and this is what I found:


I squealed, threw my head phones to my desk and stared at my work friend with a gaping wide mouth. She thought somebody died, she said “what, what happened?” I told her “I get to meet Brad Paisley!!!” She said “What, what are you talking about?” As to which I explained to her about the meet and greet, etc. Of course I pick up the phone and call L to see if she won. She didn’t answer, of course, so I left a message. That was not good enough for me so I decided to break into her fan club log in and check for myself to see if she won. She didn’t. So now I am feeling really bad that I get to meet Brad and she doesn’t. But part of me is saying so long sucker, see you when I’m done meeting Brad!

Interesting things to know about Obama

Check out this post 

I Hope this post will help other people in making the appropriate voting decision.

Here is a video clip too.

Thoughts After Midnight.

I was doing wash and hung my bras up to air dry. I had walked past them a few times. For some reason about the third time I walked past I thought, damn would you look at that. My one bra that I used to wear is gi-normous and my other bra looks way smaller next to it. It really helped to put things in perspective. I know it was just two bras hanging up in the mud room but I can’t help but wonder if it was that oh so subtle sign from God. As if he was telling me, “Look how good your doing, don’t get discouraged, get back on track!” Some of you read that and thought how loonie I must be, but I must admit I wonder. In case you needed to see what I am talking about, here is a pic showing the difference:


Brazilian Bitchiness

Today I went and had my “routine maintenance” read: Brazilian and eyebrow wax. You know since vacation is on the horizon.  I decided not to go to Cielo my normal place because I hate to drive in to the city and various other reasons. I decided to try Trilogy Salon and Day Spa. What a waste. I didn’t have to wait to long before the girl came out and yells “HEATHER” as loud as humanly possible. I thought to myself that was obnoxious, oh well. So she speeds walks to the room.

Here is the obnoxious conversation:

Bitch: So you want a bixini and eyebrow wax?

Me: No I wanted a Brazilian and an eyebrow.

Bitch: Okay, the whole thing?

Me: Yes

Instructs me to get undressed get on table, I comply.

B: Do you shave?

Me: No, I get Brazilians.

B: From who?

Me: Cielo.

B: Who at Cielo?

Me: Helene

B: Where is she from?

Me: I don’t think anywhere, I don’t know.

B: Do you know anyone else from Cielo?

Me: Yes but they don’t work there anymore.

B: Who where they?

Me: Jen and Michelle.

B: I know of Jen.

B: You have a lot of ingrown hairs, are sure you don’t shave?

Me: No I don’t shave, my hair always grows in-grown.

B: You need to start using Tend Skin.

Me: Okay

She does not do a full Brazilian which is really just obnoxious. I was so pissed at her I didn’t even want to ask her. Moves on to my eyebrows.

B: WOW, they are really crooked!

B: But you already know that don’t you.

Me: I thought one was longer than the other.

B: Did Helene do this as well?

Me: Yes.

B: Do you pluck your eyebrows?

Me: No, never.

B: Well, I am not going to mess with them too much they need to grow out so I can fix them.

Me: Okay.

Needless to say I was ready to choke this bitch. I can’t believe she was so rude. I am sorry I am such a horribly disfigured freak and my hair grows in-grown and my eyebrows are disgustingly crooked. It is just me or was she accusing me of plucking and shaving? I would never, hence why I pay someone to do that for me. Next time I am just going to brave the city and go to Cielo. I hate people!

Throoowwwback Thuuuurrrsssddday!!!


Dance! Dance! Dance!

Theme of the post is dances, let’s take a look shall we.

First pic here is from the 8th grade formal I believe it was in 1998. This was pre-Tom by about six months or so. I look like I am ready to punch someone in the face!:


Next up is 10th grade homecoming? Please note the absence of Tom as he refused to go:


Last but not least, Tom and I at my senior prom, circa 2002:


Beings I have always hated this picture, here is one of the same prom I like a little better:


Mom called me today and told me that Harry Ray my uncle is planning a military funeral for Grandpa. Here is a pic of him when he came back from Germany, March 23, 1946. (He was in World War II)


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