Justice, for once!

Driving to and from work is dangerous. Almost everyone seems to be in a hurry and doesn’t want to wait in line. They want to be first, they want to cut you off or speed carelessly. Which leads me to my next story.

I am driving to work this morning and I am coming down RT 13 to the turn lane to get on RT 1. The turn lane is HUGE and you usually have to wait in a long line to be able to get on to RT 1. I am waiting in line ever so patiently as I am used to the large volume of cars. The light turns to green and we all start going, I am right about were I will need to turn my wheel and cross the road and out of nowhere a car cuts in front of me and into the turn-lane. I slammed on my brakes and laid on the horn.

 He is still in-front of me and I decide I am going to pick my phone up and look like I am calling the cops on him. I called Tom and checked on him at work, hung up. I look in my mirror and see a trooper. Checked my speed, I wasn’t speeding. The trooper gets behind me and then over into the far left lane. He is a little ways in-front of me and turns his flashy yellow lights on and his turn blinker to get in-front of me. I slow down some and give him ample room to slide over. The car that cut me off mind you, is now in-front of the cop. Just then, the cop flicks his lights on and as the red and blue flashed out, I said aloud, YES!

The trooper surely did just pull that jack-off over that cut me off! Victory is mine! Well it may not make up for the dumb ass from yesterday, I was glad the cop saw him or heard my horn whatever the case was and pulled that guy over. I think I have a slightly renewed faith in the police force around here!

Idiots Abound!

So, I am driving home from work today and there are two areas on Route 1 that you need to merge into the left lane. These areas are clearly marked with “must merge left” on three different signs. I always make a point to ride in the left lane so that I am prepared to merge prior to the lane running out like it does in the right lane. I drive thru these merge points everyday and everyday some a-hole wants to drive to the front of the line and try to cut you off or run you off the road. Today is no different.

I get to the second merge point and the car behind me is atleast 10 car lengths back or more, I figure this is plenty of room for the Jeep Grand Cherokee to get into. The road is merging closer and closer into one lane. The jeep refuses to merge, she/he (didn’t get a good look at the face but I think it was a woman) keeps coming at me, riding on my side like it was going to intimidate me into submission, she didn’t even flip on her blinker. I look in my rear-view and there is still a mile of room for this moron to get behind me. I keep driving in the left lane, we are toe to toe and I refuse to give an inch. Finally the guys tries to push me into the railing, I didn’t move, I was straight as an arrow. The jeep eventually gets behind me right before they would be completely riding on the shoulder as she got behind me she lays on the horn as if I am in the wrong. As she gets behind me she starts riding my ass, she swings into the other lane, another car is blocking her, she swings back behind me, she passes the car. She is on the side of me now and rolls down her window, I speed up, I am not stupid enough to have a verbal argument while driving 70mph. She gets behind me again and gives the finger! I give her the okay gesture. She gets her phone out and is trying to take a picture of my car! I changed lanes two more times so that I was furthest away from her. I tried to get behind her but she slowed to about 55mph (in a 65mph zone) just so I can’t get behind her. She gets off at the next exit so I never had a chance to get her license plate.

I am quite certain she will call the police and give some cock and bull story about me having road rage. I was thinking I should call the cops but I don’t have her license plate number, so would it do me any good? Anytime I have ever called the police they never seem to be able to do anything so I figure what is the point! I called my mom and gave her the facts so she would be aware in-case the cops called looking for my dad (my car is still registered in his name since he originally bought my car when I was 17). My mother is not the least bit worried and neither am I but I thought I should probably write this all down while it is still fresh in my mind!

Do you think I was in the wrong?

Should I have given in to the psycho woman?

What lesson would she have learned if I had let her get in-front of me?

The Commandments in a Nutshell

  1. Strategy is stronger than willpower.
  2. Think historically, not just “calorically.”
  3. The problem may be in the food, not you.
  4. Structure gives control.
  5. Separate mood from food.
  6. Take control of your favorite foods.
  7. Slips should teach you, not defeat you.
  8. Stop feeling deprived.
  9. Treat your calories like dollars.
  10. Losing weight is half the job. Keeping it off is the other half.

My friend from work gave me this today, I thought y’all might enjoy it!


  • On Sunday I went a little crazy and ate a big hot ham ‘n cheese from Hardees and a portion of my dad’s chili cheese fries for lunch
  • A little later that same day I ate a chicken club toaster from Sonic!
  • On Friday I had fajitas after 8:00 and I already had my dinner for the day! Ahhh!
  • I was spiraling out of control this weekend! Didn’t gain any weight, but didn’t lose any either!
  • I am back on track as of yesterday!
  • My niece asked me “Heather, why do you have a tattoo on your foot?!?!?” I told her that I wanted one and she said she wanted Elmo on her butt, I told her she would have to wait until she was as big as Aunt Heather first!
  • Husband might go walking with me today! I am super excited because in the beginning of my weight loss he said he wasn’t going to try to lose any. I think he is reconsidering that stance!
  • I need to get my tickets to the Cardinals game soon! Can you believe the seats I want are $85.00 per person!
  • My tattoo is peeling like a bad sunburn! Is this normal?

My Mother…Ever the Comedian

Mom sent me this email and it was too funny not to post!

Something for you and Laura to consider next time you go for a wax.


Match Made In Heaven

So, I went to the primary care physician yesterday because Dr. F’s office said so. They wanted me to go so she could decide what needed to be done about the new found diabetes and high cholesterol.

When I left work I started thinking:  “I am not taking cholesterol medicine. I am eating healthy and exercising and it just needsa little more time to take affect. If Dr. T tries to prescribe me meds I am not going to take them.” I had my thoughts on this matter together and was ready to be read my verdict.

They weigh you every time you go there and I noticed the scale was significantly lower than the last time I was there. I start talking to the Doc and she said just keep doing what your doing, I am not going to put you on any medicine since you are doing so well. She said, I noticed you have lost a significant amount of weight, keep up the good work!

This is the kind of Doctor I love, a telepath!  ;-)

I am thankful she isin’t one of those moron doctors that prescribes meds all the time and then you end up taking a million different things. My old doctor was big on prescribing things and I left him for my current lady. I believe we are a match made in heaven.


Tattoo Update:

It is a little seepy and feels like carpet burn. Looks good though not red or infected.

Mission Accomplished!

Fancythis and I did it! We both got tattoos tonight! We were both super nervous and it was like someone slicing my foot open a million times with a razorblade. But we did it!




Don’t Look So Sad My Friend!


I really wish Molly would stop reading my mind!  ;-)

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