Dr. R. 4-9-2007

I talked to Dr. R. yesterday.

My ultrasound and blood-work are still base line at day 25. He looks over my chart and asks how everything is going. I explained regular cycles from May to Dec., then nothing until March. He said that my ovaries have gone back to the way they were before surgery (ovary drilling) and he wasn’t going to keep pumping me full of drugs. He wants me to see a nutritionist so that when he does put me on drugs again it won’t have to be high doses. The  nutrionist is $250.00 and conveniantly located at Dr. R.’s office.  :roll:

I asked him if I should be taking metformin or glucophage and he said yes. I told him good because I have been taking it since the end of Feb. and I think that is why I got my period in March. As an afterthought I should have asked him why he never put me on it. Also, why didn’t he tell me to see a nutritionist two years ago?

I was very annoyed because it felt like he was pulling answers out of his ass. I felt like I wasted thousands of dollars as to which Tom assured me it is not a waste of money.

So whatever, I am back at square one.


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  1. Thinking Out Loud
    Apr 11, 2007 @ 10:31:01

    Sorry this is so frustrating. (((lemons)))

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