What A Busy Weekend!

Friday, I skipped work took a personal day and went to Lancaster with best friend, her mom, her mom-mom, her aunt and her great aunt. Super fun! All of us drove up in her mom’s minivan and on the way the question was asked, Is anyone buying furniture? Everyone answered No! Well, we ended up coming back with a five foot by three foot mirror, a small wooden bench, a small telephone table, a ginormous wreath and a ton of shopping bags! Yes, we were jam packed! It was so funny though that all you could do is laugh! Everyone had bags at there feet, to there side, in there laps! The wreath was propped against her aunt’s shoulder and the humongous mirror. We had one brush with death when a crazy man tried to kill us on a one lane road. But, I must say a good time was had by all!


Saturday was really fun too, I went with by best friend Emily to lunch and then we went and had our nails done. When I got home from that the husband and I took my mom and dad to Hibachi for dinner. It was a lot of fun and then afterwards we went back to there house and talked at the dinner table until my brother brought my nieces and then we left shortly after.  (By then we had been there a few hours and were ready to head home)


Sunday was Makayla and Jordan’s christening. There mother has decided to baptize them Catholic and since Tom is the only one that had completed all of his sacraments he was Godfather to both girls. I was Godmother to Makayla and Nicole (My sister-in-law’s sister) was Godmother to Jordan. It was a very nice ceremony and went off with out a hitch! The girls looked so pretty in there dresses! Since Makayla is three she was a little talkative so I said, you have to be quite and listen. She said, I am whispering like you told me. I said, no talking, don’t say anything! She listened to that fairly well! At the beginning she wanted her Mammie (my mom) but when I explained that she had to sit with me she was okay.  During part of the ceremony you answer things that the priests says so he list a bunch of questions and after each one the Godparents had to say “I do.” Makayla informed me to stop saying I do. She is hilarious! I guess she figured if I told her to stop talking she was going to make sure I followed my own rule!

I Like Big Books

You must watch this video it is hysterical!

Another State

Winter weather is so crazy right now. One day it is snowing the next it is 60 degrees or raining. Very unpredictable. Last week we had snow about and inch to two inches. At my house it was closer to an inch. Up north were I work was closer to two inches. Then at my house on top of the snow we got freezing rain and ice was everywhere! Up north not so much, there was a little ice but it didn’t look like everything was covered in three inches of ice. I am not exaggerating. When I went to clean my car off it was frozen so I am beating all around the edge trying to loosen the door. Nothing. Then a man driving by sees me and offers to help. I assured him I could get it but thank you anyways. I still could not get the damn door open and finally realized I never unlocked the damn door. I sure was glad I didn’t ask that man to help me!

I was amazed at what 20 miles difference in weather looks like. This morning the weather at my house was warm and no rain. I get almost to work and it is raining. Sometimes it seems like I am in a whole ‘nother state entirely!

Talk Delaware


Check it out and you can add your two cents or start a new debate.  :mrgreen:

Just Plain Weird!

Yesterday, my mom and I, along with my two nieces went to the mall. While we were there my mother who constantly hasto pee, had to pee. She said can you watch the girls for a second, sure. As we are standing there this little boy was being mean and kept telling Mak to get on the mechanical ride. I immediately picked her up and pushed the stroller away from this ill mannered child. I asked her if he was bothering her and she said yes. I asked if she wanted to go to the bathroom and she said no. I said are you sure Mammie is in there. She says yes I have to go really bad. I held her hand and pushed the stroller with the baby in it to the bathroom. We located my mom and she went with her. I stayed in the hall and waited with the baby. While I am standing there this man comes and rushes up to me.

The man: Hi, how are you?

Me: Fine, how are you?

Man: Not good my tooth really hurts, see, you can see the discoloration. (Yes he is opening his mouth and showing me)

Me: Oh yeah that is horrible.

Man: Yeah, it really hurts.

Man: WOW, is that your baby?

Me: No, It is my niece.

Man: How old is the baby?

Me: Ummmmm…..She was born in December. (I knew how old she was but I was thinking why is this man so focused on the baby.)

Man: What country are you from?

Me: America. (I was thinking isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black since you appear to be Indian.)

Man: WOW, you are not Hispanic?

Me: No.

Just then God saved me and I spotted my mom before I had to fight off this man who I was convinced was trying to steal Jordy.

Me: Oh, see you later!

I told my mom what happened and my mom pushed the stroller and I clenched Mak’s hand tightly in mine. I told Mak to stick together just in case a man approached us. I might be being paranoid but that was the weirdest thing ever. I would have choked that man to death if he would have tried to take off with my girls.

My mom in all her humor said “May’be he thought we were Muslim.” “Look at Jordy, I put my (black) scarf around her head and shoulders.”

OK, Mom whatever you say!

How Many People Have Your Name?

Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

This is with my married name, with my maiden name there are only four.



While I LOVE all things flowers, I hate sitting next to them all day!

 No, I did not get flowers on Valentines Day. I am fine with that, really I will be okay.

Everyone at work got flowers which is fine I love to look at flowers. I do not like to smell Stargazer and Casablanca lilies! They smell wonderful but when you sit next to them all day they make your eyes burn and your head hurt. You can feel your sinuses freaking out in your head. I think my face might explode.

I wish people would be more considerate of there fragrant flowers and take them home!  I don’t know how they can sit next to those things in there face all day! Yuck! 

I implore you, if you received flowers at work take them home! Someone with allergies is probably going to pass out right now!


Happy Valentines Day Y’all!


Yes, I Have OCD

I have noticed people have crazy times that they have been posting. My OCD side is wanting you to fix this, please! I don’t know why but that annoys the hell out of me. Just like when the answering machine light sometimes stays on after I have checked and deleted the messages.

If you notice yours is wrong here is how you fix it, it is very simple:


Really, I am not psychotic, honest!


On Friday me and best friend went to the Dunkin’ Donuts to grab a white hot chocolate after we had been to the mall.  When I opened my purse to get my wallet, My Purse Ripped! Yes I know, very traumatizing! Right at the top where the clasp is just ripped! I had gotten this purse from my mother in law for Christmas and I love it! I was really pissed that it ripped because I have never had a Vera Bradley tear up before.

Yesterday I called Vera Bradley to ask what I needed to do to get a new bag. They informed to go to the retailer and they will exchange it. So after work I drove to the mall to talk to the guy.

He said, “Well just go on-line to Vera Bradley and you can fill out a claim form.” Is this man full of shit or what? There is no claim form and I had already called and talked to someone. I told him I already called and they told me to come down here and if the retailer had any questions that they could call Vera.  So, he gets on the phone to check my story out or something. I guess they put him on hold too long so he said just pick out something and you can exchange it. THANK YOU! This is only what I told you the whole time, numb skull! So needless to say I got my new purse! I had all intention of exchanging my purse and getting the exact same one that I came there with. They didn’t have that color so I picked a different color that I didn’t have.

What I started with that ripped:


What I ended up with when I left:


Can you believe that my husband was mad at me for not getting the same color! He felt that his mother got me that for Christmas and I should have just sewed it shut and kept using it! Ridiculous! I explained to him that they didn’t have the same color and he was still mad and said that i should have gone somewhere else then. I was surely not driving all over hell and half of Georgia for a purse! Needless to say he was a grump the rest of the day because of this purse! Men I don’t understand them!

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