The Death Watch…

Yesterday I went to the hospital to visit Grandpa, he has been there three weeks.

He is VERY sick, he has pneumonia and bronchitis. His lungs are very bad because when he was younger he smoked unfiltered Pal-Mals and worked at a Chemical Plant in St. Louis before they had safety guidelines and protocol. His lungs are pretty much ruined. Now he has pneumonia and it is so exhausting for him to breath so he sleeps, constantly. When you go in to say hi, he doesn’t know you are there. I sat there for two hours just sitting. He is unable to feed himself because he is so weak. My mom and grandma feed him every meal and he hardly even eats anything.

We have all resigned ourselves to the fact that he will not be leaving the hospital and will pass away. Grandpa is 83 years old the oldest out of eleven brothers and sisters. He said the other day that he wished he was dead, so far it is looking that way. I guess all there is to do is pray, sit and wait.


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  1. fancythis
    Dec 22, 2006 @ 13:30:26


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