I Am Going Home…

We are all going to Missouri Wednesday morning to get Grandma situated. She is moving back to Delaware with my parents so we need to get her stuff packed and moved. I will post again around January 8th.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Have a Happy New Year!


Harry A Wells-March 9, 1923 to December 23, 2006

Today at 10:00am my Grandpa passed on.

Please pray for my family.

Grandma seems to be okay but she has never been much on letting her emotions show.

The phone rang around 10:11 and then again around 10:30. I was sleeping and ignored the house phone when it rang. Then my cell phone rang and I thought, shit, this is it something happened.  I answered and it was my dad on the phone and told me everything that happened. My mom and grandma had gone home to sleep and my dad was staying with him when he just stopped breathing.  All of us went back to the hospital to see him one last time and then he will be cremated and we will have a memorial ceremony in Missouri sometime the first week of July.

The Death Watch…

Yesterday I went to the hospital to visit Grandpa, he has been there three weeks.

He is VERY sick, he has pneumonia and bronchitis. His lungs are very bad because when he was younger he smoked unfiltered Pal-Mals and worked at a Chemical Plant in St. Louis before they had safety guidelines and protocol. His lungs are pretty much ruined. Now he has pneumonia and it is so exhausting for him to breath so he sleeps, constantly. When you go in to say hi, he doesn’t know you are there. I sat there for two hours just sitting. He is unable to feed himself because he is so weak. My mom and grandma feed him every meal and he hardly even eats anything.

We have all resigned ourselves to the fact that he will not be leaving the hospital and will pass away. Grandpa is 83 years old the oldest out of eleven brothers and sisters. He said the other day that he wished he was dead, so far it is looking that way. I guess all there is to do is pray, sit and wait.

A Re-Do

Picture 032

Picture 033

Picture 031

The first attempt:

Winter Wonderland

Last night me and the husband drove up to Longwood Gardens to see the Christmas Display.

 It was so pretty!

 While we were still walking up to the main building where you buy your tickets, etc. a lady gives us a complimentary ticket to get in. It was very random! So essentially we got in for free because I have a frequent visitor pass and he had the complimentary ticket. 

 Anyway back to the display, it was so pretty! The outdoor lights looked pretty much the same as every year and I couldn’t see where they had changed much. But, inside the observatory they had moravian stars hanging above one of the water displays and it was stunning. I think they used more silver this year also. Overall it was very beautiful.


Lazy, Perhaps…

This weekend my husband and I finally washed our cars!

My car has not been washed since March and his car has not been washed since June, respectively. As you can imagine they were quite disgusting! But we did it! Both of the cars are vacuumed, windexed, armor-alled and washed! I know you are just as proud as I am!

 My car looked like it had a flat so the husband went and put air in my tires and said that there were only 15 pounds and there should have been 30. I never check the air in my tires as I feel this is a man job.

My car feels like a brand new automobile!

The Holidays

I am finding myself longing to be done with winter and into spring. But winter doesn’t even start until next Friday. The holidays would be nicer if I had some sort of tradition. I feel like the traditions are sorely lacking because:

  • I don’t have  a real tree so no chance of going out and cutting down the tree.
  • No one ever wants to help put up decorations it is just me decorating everything.
  • We don’t go “caroling,” I don’t think normal people do that anymore.
  • We usually go to Longwood Gardens but I don’t think that is going to happen this year.

If you have a neat tradition that you wouldn’t mind sharing please let me know! I must start traditions, it is my new mission!

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