Somebody Stop Me….

I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and I don’t have a clue. I looked on line at all the colleges in my area and so far the only one that sounds good is Del Tech. They are the only ones I have seen with Horticulture Degree listed.  I am so in-decisive. I think I need a good swift kick in the ass to motivate me in the right direction. There is a Del-Tech campus right by my work but the campus that does Horticulture is an hour from my house and I don’t even know if they have night classes or what, to be able to work and attend classes. I think I should have done this about four years ago and I would have my degree and be on my merry way. What the heck man? I kind of want to go to U of D but I know it will be way too expensive and I am not trying to work at the poor farm with the degree I will eventually obtain. AHHHH! Why does life agitate me so? I really am being lazy I suppose but a part of me really doesn’t want to do any work, at all, none. Please if you would like to contribute an insight feel free to comment!

L do you want to join with me? I know you do  :-)


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